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One of America's most successful dining chains continues to pursue an aggressive expansion strategy. One of America’s most successful casual dinner house chains, Olive Garden Italian Restaurants, continues to pursue an aggressive expansion strategy. We opted to start our meal by sharing an order of Lasagna Fritta ($8.75), another menu newbie. Garnished with a spicy-sweet, intensely tomato-flavored marinara, the ruffled noodles have a pleasant, crunchy texture and a likeable, parmesan-cheese enriched flavor.
Sicilian Scampi ($10.75), our second starter selection, was a seafood-based riff on bruschetta. Also new, Parmesan Crusted Bistecca ($16.95) pairs up cheese-enriched breadcrumbs with sirloin steak. Garlic-Herb Chicken con Broccoli ($13.95) featured a pair of playing-card-sized chicken breast filets arranged over al dente orecchiette.

Fully licensed, Olive Garden aggressively promotes the enjoyment of wines from its Italian-inspired list. At lunch Olive Garden serves midday-sized portions of various dinner entrees as well as a few lunchtime-only selections. The “weak showing” by Darden’s Olive Garden may reflect a broader slowdown at full-service restaurants in early to mid- November, said Mark Kalinowski, a New York-based analyst at Janney Montgomery Scott.
Known as the city that never sleeps, New York offers a truly spectacular range of restaurants. What's a hot menu?Every night we calculate the most-clicked restaurants of the preceding 24 hours and display them here. One of its more recently opened locations, on Riverdale Street in West Springfield across from Morgan Road, is currently celebrating a first anniversary. Several different dining spaces offer a variety of seating options, while a small bar near the entrance offers itself as a cozy retreat while waiting for a table to open up. Obviously inspired by fried ravioli, the dish is built by arranging crumb-crusted lasagna noodles atop a pool of alfredo sauce.

Shrimp bathed in a glossy garlic glaze topped slices of toasted bread; diced tomato, black olive, and green onion added flavor and visual interest. Interesting idea, we decided, but the robust crust tends to overwhelm the steak’s somewhat more subtle goodness. Arranged on a puddle of five-cheese marinara, the rollata were an enjoyable and somewhat sophisticated rework. The pasta-chicken combination, with its broccoli floret garnish and garlic-cream glaze, was simple and satisfying. The shrimp-garnished combination of seafood ravioli and a creamy tomato sauce was agreeable enough though not something we’d be likely to order again. New York, NY restaurants, bars, night clubs, hotels, shops, spas, events, attractions, yellow page listings and more.

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