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Oh thank Heaven for the Yelp's in Chocolate Heaven event.So, after having my first chocolate tasting at the Royal Chocolate, I thought---how is it that I never knew about this before! Once again, we Yelp Eliters know how to party in style, and Havana Nights made it happen for us.
First off, I want to give a huge thank you to John Mannino, Darius, and their staff for coming in on their day off to share their restaurant with us. The bang, bang shrimp was a little too American general tso for me but the shrimp were a good meaty size.

This is the level of quality I look for and I could easily tell by the background they gave us that they value the product they put out there for every customer. They have brought something special to VA Beach and I truly appreciate him welcoming up his home to share with us.
They were in there getting our slider buns buttered and heated on the griddle along with the tacos. If I had to narrow it down, I would pick the Auburn BBQ tacos and the coconut lemongrass ribs as my favorite, but honestly I would order them all again--hmmm, if only there was a sampler option on the menu just like what we got!

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