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This summer, Olive Garden is sending a food truck to spread the news of its new breadstick sandwich and unite our nation in love for carby goodness. Can't we all just come together over a bowl of pasta (maybe at Pagliuca's) and agree to disagree?
The Olive Garden food truck is currently serving up pedestrians in New York before heading out on a cross country road trip to places like Utah, Arizona and Florida. Will you be visiting Olive Garden or one of its food trucks to indulge in a breadstick sandwich? Boston's North End is a popular destination for authentic Italian food, but last weekend local restaurants had some unusual competition when an Olive Garden food truck found a parking spot on the edge of the Boston neighborhood to hand out free samples of its newest menu item: breadstick sandwiches. Olive Garden is jumping on the food truck craze, with the Italian restaurant chain sending the green truck emblazoned with the words "Breadstick Nation" and "Italian Kitchen," around the country to launch new menu items.
NPR covered the Olive Garden’s food truck launch with a podcast of the story, complete with reactions from many who were in the neighborhood to try the free samples.
Typically, it's only in hindsight that we can pinpoint the moment at which a cultural trend starts to die. The truck posted up in Boston's bustling Faneuil Hall, where it stood for four days handing out free breadstick sandwiches, promoting the chain's newest menu item. Of course, when it comes to any arguments about authenticity, the definition of the term is going to fluctuate depending on who is conducting the ideological symposium. On Sunday afternoon, I found the Olive Garden truck parked in Faneuil Hall in the type of high-visibility, high-traffic spot most food trucks would give their left wheels for.
I dutifully took my place in a line, about 20 people deep, which stretched back to a statue of Sam Adams overlooking the proceedings. More on local food trucks: VICE travels to Philadelphia to see how trucks are shaping the city's local cuisine. The day before, James DiSabatino—owner of Roxy's Grilled Cheese, a favorite food truck in Boston that's since opened a brick and mortar space—told me he had just tried the Olive Garden breadstick sandwich. Joe Benzon, the man with the microphone, had just come from the truck's first stop in New York City last week.

I pointed out that there had been pushback from other North End restaurant owners, but Benzon shrugged it off. He assured me they'd gone through all the appropriate permitting channels in a process that took months—"everything from permitting to making the custom vehicle wrapped with graphics"—and that, so far, the Olive Garden team was enthused with how everything had turned out. Still, I couldn't help but think about what DiSabatino had told me about how difficult operating a food truck in Boston has become of late. Back in Faneuil Hall, a field trip of teens in matching T-shirts were taking group selfies in front of the Olive Garden truck. That’s right, Olive Garden is hitting the streets with its very own food truck serving up its brand-new hot + fresh breadstick sandwiches. If this feels exciting but also weird — why wouldn’t you want to just make the trek to the ‘burbs and sit down at an OG restaurant with unlimited salad + breadsticks?!
First, there’s the chicken parm breadstick sandwich — crispy chicken, homemade marinara + melted mozzarella deliciously placed between two breadstick buns. When it comes to food trucks, particularly in Boston, where they've reached the peak of culinary coolness, there is no such ambiguity: The time of death was Thursday, June 11, 2015. While there are certainly very many fine restaurants in the North End, and it's a neighborhood exceptionally rich in history, it's long since become a tourist trap and bridge-and-tunnel dining destination. Some of Boston's food trucks, which have only been legal since 2011 and whose spaces are divvied out by a lottery system, were irked by a heavyweight corporation dipping its meat balls in the vodka sauce.
One of the Olive Garden employees took to a microphone to encourage passersby to stuff the breadstick sandwiches in their faces.
I got my sandwich and skulked off to try it away from the crowd, like a dog that's dragged a dead squirrel under the porch. To be honest, though, I could probably eat five of these and love every minute of it, then spend the next week of my life regretting it.
When the program first launched, there were about 12 or 14 trucks on the streets—now there's over 80.
One of the mothers sprayed sunscreen on her daughter's neck while a nearby man cursed to himself about—and this is too on-the-nose Boston to make up—how the Yankees suck.

The company recently announced the truck would set up shop in the West End, a historic area in Boston best known for its mouthwatering Italian food. To compensate for our lack of kitchen use, we end up eating out too much, and making too many no-cook salads.
Track its location on Olive Garden’s Breadstick Nation website where you can enter for a chance to win free Olive Garden lunch for a year *immediately submits all our information*. That's the day that Olive Garden's Breadstick Nation Tour food truck rolled into Boston, hauling with it thousands of salted loaves and a metric ton of identity baggage.
Some argued that the city shouldn't have issued Olive Garden's truck a permit at all, since food truck permits are relatively competitive in Boston, and the prime real estate where the Olive Garden truck was allowed to park isn't typically available for use. You literally could not ask for a better spot for a food truck in Boston, unless maybe you pulled up on home plate at Fenway and Pablo Sandoval had a pocket full of $50 bills. A sign on the truck informed me that they would be videotaping everyone in the vicinity and if I did not consent to that, I should leave the area.
In other words, by merely congregating in one of Boston's busiest markets, we were all consenting to become an extra in an Olive Garden commercial of some kind. The proceedings were lightly sauced, although I detected the sweet tang of tomato somewhere in there. There are four of them, he explained, and they'll be on the road throughout the country for the next couple of months.
The number of people they'll serve will vary from city to city; in Pittsburgh, they'll be at an event with a couple hundred thousand, but here he estimated between 5,000 and 10,000. Rihanna's "We Found Love" was blasting from its speakers, competing with the music bleeding over from a nearby team of dancers, around which a gaggle of slouch-shorted and anticipatory tourists circled. It was exactly as disappointing as you would expect it to be," he said, as if offering the sandwich an epitaph.

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