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Boston Italian restaurants revolt: Get Olive Garden food truck and its sh*tty breadsticks out of our neighborhood!
Mendoza went on to compare the concept of bringing a watered down Italian-American chain restaurant to an authentic neighborhood to “if you took a P.F.
Typically, it's only in hindsight that we can pinpoint the moment at which a cultural trend starts to die.
The truck posted up in Boston's bustling Faneuil Hall, where it stood for four days handing out free breadstick sandwiches, promoting the chain's newest menu item. NewsOK highlights articles of interest from selected websites to increase the scope of commentary and coverage available to readers. The Olive Garden food truck is currently serving up pedestrians in New York before heading out on a cross country road trip to places like Utah, Arizona and Florida.
Will you be visiting Olive Garden or one of its food trucks to indulge in a breadstick sandwich?
Boston's North End is a popular destination for authentic Italian food, but last weekend local restaurants had some unusual competition when an Olive Garden food truck found a parking spot on the edge of the Boston neighborhood to hand out free samples of its newest menu item: breadstick sandwiches. Olive Garden is jumping on the food truck craze, with the Italian restaurant chain sending the green truck emblazoned with the words "Breadstick Nation" and "Italian Kitchen," around the country to launch new menu items.

NPR covered the Olive Garden’s food truck launch with a podcast of the story, complete with reactions from many who were in the neighborhood to try the free samples. This summer, Olive Garden is sending a food truck to spread the news of its new breadstick sandwich and unite our nation in love for carby goodness. Can't we all just come together over a bowl of pasta (maybe at Pagliuca's) and agree to disagree?
Turmeric has quickly become classified as one of those magic superfoods — you know, the ones that you're always hearing about. When it comes to food trucks, particularly in Boston, where they've reached the peak of culinary coolness, there is no such ambiguity: The time of death was Thursday, June 11, 2015.
Unsurprisingly, many of the area's other food trucks—the Italian ones, especially—were not pleased. That’s right, Olive Garden is hitting the streets with its very own food truck serving up its brand-new hot + fresh breadstick sandwiches. If this feels exciting but also weird — why wouldn’t you want to just make the trek to the ‘burbs and sit down at an OG restaurant with unlimited salad + breadsticks?! First, there’s the chicken parm breadstick sandwich — crispy chicken, homemade marinara + melted mozzarella deliciously placed between two breadstick buns.

Subscribe to the mailing list and get a daily update with the most important news about Food! That's the day that Olive Garden's Breadstick Nation Tour food truck rolled into Boston's North End, hauling with it thousands of salted loaves and a metric ton of identity baggage.
Some argued that the city shouldn't have issued Olive Garden's truck a permit at all, since food truck permits are relatively competitive in Boston, and the prime real estate where the Olive Garden truck was allowed to park isn't typically available for food trucks to use.
Track its location on Olive Garden’s Breadstick Nation website where you can enter for a chance to win free Olive Garden lunch for a year *immediately submits all our information*.
The company recently announced the truck would set up shop in the West End, a historic area in Boston best known for its mouthwatering Italian food.

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