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Olia hair color how-to video - garnier, See how olia gives you brilliant color and visibly healthier hair with 60% oils and zero ammonia. Hair color - olia changes everything - garnier, Olia hair color changes everything by garnier. A few days ago I posted about using my sister as a Guinea Pig for the new home hiar dye, Garnier Olia Hair Colour. Firstly, you need to understand that my sister’s hair was a bit of a mess when she came in for the test.

The revolutionary aspect of Garnier Olia is that it contains no ammonia and is the world’s first ever oil-powered home hair dye. As my sister had dyed her hair before we left the dye on for 20 minutes on the roots and an extra 10minutes throughout the lengths (as instructed) before washing it out and leaving the conditioner in for 10 mins (to be safe!). Now, it didn’t go as blonde as we thought it would be this was a good thing in the end. The tone of the colour evened out the straw-like shade of her hair and removed the noticeable roots she had before.

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