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How the Friends of the Santa Ana Library continue to affiliate with Moreno is simply beyond comprehension. And did you know that businessmen who operate businesses in the City of Santa Ana cannot use our public library system for free? If we go to the County system, our residents on the west side will be able to easily access three libraries in Garden Grove. If the city want to invest in something useful (fat chance given there’s no money), how about free city-wide wifi? All of the expeses expected to be saved in most outsoursing is transfered to other parts of the city budget, so there is not any savings, just a shell game being used to kick the can down the road. One thing the city and other governments should recognize is with pension funding at only 70 percent means they should only be paying 70 percent. Sure Public Libraries are good for poor, that is why we are building them in downtown where the parking fee is $5.00+ per hour.

In the end, all the trail would do is invite a bunch of traffic on the trail, with little or no benefit to the area, any destruction of JFP would be a shame.
Why should the Fisher Park residents be able to shut off this trail, unlike those in Santiago Park – and in Orange? Fullerton, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Orange all think having city libraries is the best way to serve citizens and I don’t think so. For me the deciding factor is access the most books possible in the system, not necessarily amenities at any particular branch. I find the book online, I put a hold on it (pay 25cents), it’s sent to my library of choice, I pick it up at the library, read it and return it. If joining and combining is the way to go for better service and cost effectiveness, Then combining the cities back into the county and closing down the massively costly and over managed cities would seen to be the order of the day. The question is one of local control at a cost compared to rolling it all up and getting all you need from China.

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I just want to read books and the OCPL has way more stuff than any of the other city libraries from my experience.
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