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Compared to chlorine, ozone offers several advantages for food processors or anyone who wants to disinfect materials or surfaces. While chlorinated wash systems require tansport and storage of potentially hazardous toxic chemicals, ozone is unique in that it is generated onsite from harmless oxygen and can be produced on demand with no storage required. Ozone can also be injected or dissolved in process waters of all kinds to provide chilling, fluming, rinsing or washing of food products such as meat, poultry, seafood, fruits or vegetables.
Processors who chill fruits or vegetable after harvest using water held at approximately 34 F can ozonenate the water to prevent contamination of the product. It said New Zealand was gaining market share in Singapore, and there were opportunities to take even more share from higher-cost competitors. Sign-up to our Foodlink Newsletter, a quarterly update for the NZ Food industry on what is happening at the Riddet Institute.
If we are to feed the world's growing population and reduce waste, then we need a more easily understood and intelligent measure for perishable goods. The landscape of how we conduct science and what makes a good scientist has, and continues to change.
The world is facing a “tsunami of diabetes” brought on by increasing obesity, lack of exercise and ageing populations.
Type 2 diabetes is not a particularly obvious or overt condition, and many with diabetes are unaware that they have it until they are found to have elevated blood glucose concentrations (hyperglycaemia) – a defining diagnostic feature of the disease. Development of simple, but precise and accurate, laboratory tests of how foods affect the body’s blood glucose levels (glucose loading). Generation of new food values that represent glucose loading that can be used by consumers to make healthy food choices. There are, however, a number of problems with such use of GI, especially by shopping consumers.
The procedure has not been perfected yet, but as we continue our research into the way that various food components and structures influence digestive processes we will be able to further “tweak” what is already proving to be a useful and economical tool in the development of healthier foods of reduced glycaemic impact.

Established in the New Zealand market as a high quality supplier of food processing equipment to the food industry, Columbit is backed by first class staff, technical support, service and spares. Terima kasih kepada semua peserta kerana memberikan kerjasama yang baik sepanjang kursus berlangsung. Chlorine has traditionally been the sanitizer of choice in the food processing industry, but experts share a growing concern about the dangerous byproducts such as trihalomethanes or dioxins produced when chlorine reactes with organic matter in the water. It naturally tends to seek its normal state, exhibing a short half life as it reverts to oxygen fairly rapidly. Water containing low concentrations of ozone gas can be sprayed onto processing equipment, walls or floors to both remove and kill bacteria or other organic matter that may be present. Cooling fuits and vegetables helps slow product respiration, and preserving freshness and quality. In order to effectively feed humankind, it is essential to know with accuracy the amounts of bioavailable proteins in our food. Usually through what can be a long and sometimes confusing journey through terms like intellectual property, market research and validation, raising investment, commercialisation and licensing. Firstly, the so-called “GI of a food” is not in fact a food GI, but a GI of one component in food, the carbohydrate. To address the problem of precision, we have developed laboratory tests that measure the main glycaemic property of foods: how much carbohydrate is actually available for absorption in the gut. When it reacts with organic matter, it does not form any toxic byproducts and the water in which it was delivered can be filtered and reused.
While the oxidation reduction potential (ORP) or ozone is affected by the amount of organic matter or chemicals in the water, its ORP is not as sensitive to changes in pH as that of chlorine. Becuase it has such a short half life, ozone does not build up on surfaces the way detergents can if not removed by proper rinsing.
Studies of fruits and vegetables indicate that removing field heat as soon as possible after harvest is a critical factor in extending product shelf life.

After all, we have the glycaemic index (GI), which is being increasingly used as the parameter with which to compare the glycaemic potencies of foods. Because it is so highly reatctive, ozone is effective at controlling or removing biofilms that sometimes form on processing equipment. As a side benefit, ozone can remove particulates, chemicals and organics from water, settling them out by flocculation. GI indicates the relative glycaemic effect of foods only if the food quantities being compared contain equal amounts of available carbohydrate. We have addressed accuracy by building in physiological corrections to account for the change in the blood glucose response depending on intake (dose-dependency).
It can also be used to reduce biological oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD), and turbidity or other residues in water. Because it is so effective at removing suspended or dissolved substances, ozone can help conserve process water by making it possible to filter and recycle the stream.
But across foods in the supermarket, and even within food categories, this is rarely the case. The results we get are also correlated strongly with clinical measurements made on amounts of cereal products that customers generally consume.
Secondly, GI is an index value, so it does not change as a function of carbohydrate content or food intake. There are additional problems in how GI is measured clinically (low subject numbers) as well as its accuracy and precision.

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