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The Ministry of Health stipulates that all Jamaicans handling food must own a valid Food Handlers' Permit.
SERHA oversees the process of obtaining the licence and the project is undertaken through funding from the National Health Fund. Fill out an application form at your local health department and pay the fee of JA$500 ($300 for students).
You will be given a receipt and an appointment date when you should return to the Health Department. On the date given, you will attend a training session where you will be taught food handling practices, personal hygiene and disease prevention. Upon passing the test and medical exam, you will be informed when to collect your Food Handlers' Permit.

Collect the required number of application forms at your local health department and an on-site clinic form for your company. Return the completed on-site clinic form and application forms with one certified picture of each applicant. Pay the application fee of $500 times the number of applicants, plus the on-site service charges; $6000 for the first 25 applicants and an additional $300 for each applicant thereafter.
Within five to seven working days the manager will be contacted and arrangements made as to a date and time agreed upon for the on-site visit for training and examination of the applicants.
During the training session, applicants will be taught food-handling practices, personal hygiene and disease prevention.
Persons failing the test must redo the test at the health centre before they can operate in the food-handling business.

Note: A Food Handlers' Permit is valid for one year from the date issued (except for Students and General hotel food handlers) and must be renewed every year.
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