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Purchase a wide variety of everyday household products from industrial bleach to personal body care and cosmetics. SHARE is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1994 by business executives dedicated to providing affordable housing for individuals in need. In unserer Non-Food-Abteilung finden Sie neben einem umfangreichen Angebot an Tischdeko, Glas-, Porzellan und Hygieneartikel auch die Kuchenhelfer fur den Profi.
Now I'm not perfect and I still indulge once in a while, but now when I indulge I do so knowing that I am eating garbage that will not help me in any significant way.
During its nearly 20 year history, the organization has served hundreds of families, seniors, veterans and those with physical challenges or terminal illnesses. I became aware that eating junk was not a good thing, but I did not have a clear, solid definition of junk. They say that our bodies developed 10,000 years ago and that food production has changed so rapidly our bodies can't keep up. It was very, very slow going as I did not know how I could transition away from all the processed foods we used. It's kind of like watching reality TV, it has no redeeming value and is purely for entertainment purpose.

In my 20's I first discovered my hypoglycemia (which has never been officially diagnosed but my symptoms are textbook) and I did nothing to stop it. Thinking about that and humans 10,000 years ago I started to realize that those humans probably ate things they could find. But at least I feel like I'm on the right track now and not eating stuff that will do my body harm in the long run. I would eat sweets, go into my hypoglycemic state, and either eat some more sweets or some protein.
I can eat a fast food burger, and I still do once in a while, and I will get that overstuffed, disgusting feeling. Now when I want something to eat I think of things that have high nutritional value and will provide fuel for my body and is really food. I no longer get severe, painful gas and bloating because I don't eat the things that cause that.
Worse, that feeling will last for hours because it feels like my body doesn't know how to process it. I no longer have to take laxatives as the food I eat does the things it's supposed to and everything works.

I had given up the diet coke chemical cocktail and only drank the real stuff - though granted not everyday, but still too often. This started to lead me in the direction of whole foods, though I did not realize it at the time. I would get hungry, seriously hungry, but the food was being processed so quickly I never got that stuffed feeling that I hate so much.
Then I will get hungry on top of that because there really is no nutritional value in that stuff. My lifelong cravings for sweets diminished (never leaving completely) and I wanted to eat food that would fuel my body. But at least I buy the one with the least ingredients, no more than 5, and not a bunch of chemicals.

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