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CERTIFIED ORGANIC - Natural non toxic Cosmetics - Natural non toxic Skin Care Products - Natural non-toxic Certified Organic toiletries - Natural Certified Organic body care products - ALL products Certified Organic - 100% synthetic-chemical-FREE ingredients - NO toxic preservatives - No toxic or harmful synthetic chemical ingredients!
Organic products are those which are untouched by pesticides, fertilizers and other synthetic material and are free from chemicals. The 100% pure products are expensive but they give you good value for the money that you pay. Eminence are one of the best and most effective skin care products.  Owned and managed by the Hungarian based company, Eminence has an entire line of body care and skin care products. Jurlique’s Moisture Replenishing Day Cream – meant for dry skin it deeply hydrates the skin and protects it. Xtend Life is a New Zealand based company that manufactures natural and organic skin care products. This is a balm face cleanser meant to be applied to the face then wiped off with a warm, damp cloth. I'm a huge fan of balm cleansers because they generally work well with my dry, sensitive skin.
This has an initial scent that is somewhat citrus-y mixed with strong lavender and chamomile notes. This has the most fresh, delicious fruity smell--totally natural and not at all chemically smelling! I used this in combination with the Divine Face Oil (see below) and found it left my skin hydrated and even looking.

Given how much wear and tear my lips experience between daily lip product wear and lip swatches, I have to be really careful to take good care of my lips. Please make sure all comments are appropriate and void of self-promotion such as links, blog URLs, etc. These products save your skin form the harmful effects other products can have due to the chemicals that are added to these products.
In fact they are much better as in the whole process of transforming your look they even care for the health of your skin. Try looking for ingredients such as jojoba oil, honey, vitamin E (natural and not synthetic one), Grapefruit and CoQ10.
The inbuilt sunscreen is one of the most important factors of an organic anti aging skin care product. These products are certified organic skin care products free of parabens and other chemicals. It tries as much to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and line and also keep the skin well hydrated. Some of the different organic skin care products that they offer are Hand Relief cream, Aveda’s All-Sensitive facial cleanser, Outer Relief acne pads and Tourmaline-Charged Exfoliating Cleanser.
The brand produces natural products that they state are clinically and scientifically proven to benefit skin.
Because I have dry skin, I personally wouldn't use this 3x per day, but using it once per day kept my skin fairly happy!

I don't suffer from a lot of hyper-pigmentation on my face, but sometimes my complexion looks a tad uneven overall. I have been using oils to cleanse and hydrate my skin for years because they work well with my dry, sensitive skin.
You can faintly taste the lip balm base while it is on your lips, but if you're accustomed to natural cocoa butter based balms this will probably be a familiar taste. I found that the combination of all 5 products left my face and lips hydrated, incredibly clear and even. This applies like a thick ointment and because it has no chemical detergents, it does not lather. The range of natural products they offer is impressive and all of the products I reviewed were certified organic. It wipes off easily with a damp, warm cloth, but keep in mind that because it is so thick, it may require an extra minute or two for removal. Eminence has a wide of range of organic skin care products such as eye creams, exfoliants, cleansers, moisturizers, masques, serums and oils, sun care etc. I highly recommend giving any or all of their products a try if you're a fan of these types of products.

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