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The New York Times Magazine came out with its annual Food & Drink issue this past April.
Hamilton’s launching pad was the Magazine food section and now such a launching pad no longer exists, unless your name is Bittman or Sifton. Agree – and also hate, hate, haaaaaaaaate the layouts where you have to turn the magazine lengthwise. I believe that you have hit the nail on the head, to use a trite phrase, and one not worthy of your well-written piece. Adam, Your letter caused me to reflect on my enjoyment, or lack thereof, of the Times Magazine food articles. The Wall Street Journal has a much smaller section on food weekly that I read more often now.
I want to aspire to learning new recipes and methods…not feel that I could have written the article myself! The problem, for me at least, is larger than the issue of individual voices and their relative value. Een Food Truck is simpelweg een mobiele keuken (dus groter dan een cart) die zich heeft gespecialiseerd in een bepaalde cuisine of gerecht. The Cinnamon Snail serveert vegan en biologische gerechten varierend van pannenkoekjes, burgers, sandwiches en zoetigheden. Falafel (New Yorks beste zo schijnt het), salades en smoothies waar iedereen lyrisch over is. Voor verse, super lekkere, goedkope Cambodjaanse gerechten die geserveerd worden met een grote glimlach ga je naar deze truck. Marokkaanse-Franse cuisine met couscous, rijstgerechten, sandwiches en veel vegetarische opties. Trucks staan overal en nergens en zijn voor hun standplaats aan strenge wetgeving gebonden. Here’s a nifty graphic by Mark Bittman showing all of the different ways you can use miso. This is a shame because the Magazine taught me, back at the beginning, that recipes are only as good as the stories that are attached to them. There are so many talented, young, energetic food writers emerging these days on the web (and elsewhere), the Magazine could easily pull from this group and give itself a jolt back into relevancy. The deconstructed glib recipes of MarkieBits don’t have the depth I want over a Sunday cup of coffee.

I can’t forgive him for using filet mignon in a beef burgundy recipe in the NYT as a short cut. The food writing has gotten very boring, and there have been some pictures (of food and other things) that I really don’t want to look at, on Sunday morning or any other time!
I was so mad last year that I did write in to the editor to tell them almost the exact same thing! Some of the recipes are truly inspired, although a lot of times they use crazy faaaaar-reaching ingredients that I would never be able to find in Louisiana.
The beautiful, deep, exotic and amazing magazine that once was Gourmet bites the dust so they can keep the (IMHO) vapid, shallow, and dumbed down Bon Appetit? I like Bittman and Sifton’s writing a lot, but there are some great women food writers who appear regularly in the NY Times Health section, but rarely the Mag. Start with breakfast at the Breslin, have a deceptive Vegan doughnut from Babycakes, or fuel efficiently with Milkthistle Organic Dairy Farm yogurt.
Have a chocolate-chip cookie at Ma Peche for dessert, and breathe deep — you’ve still got a lot of edible treasures to unearth in 2010. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
Er zijn Mexicaanse, Cambodjaanse en Creoolse Trucks, maar ook wagens die falafel, kreeft, wafels of ijs serveren.
Op zaterdag en zondag kun je in Williamsburg en DUMBO terecht voor Smorgasburg. Een enorm culinair festijn, waar menig food truck present is met een stand. Op JSNY houdt oud-inwoner Joyce je op de hoogte van haar favoriete adresjes, must-see's en alles wat New York zo fantastisch maakt. Before this era of male-dominated, image-heavy content, the magazine had a sequence of editors that made the food section the crowning glory of the entire enterprise, crossword puzzle be damned. The more urgent the story, the more emotional and revealing the tale, the more eager the reader will be to try the food. I know recipes and storytelling go hand in hand, but sometimes a cookie is just a cookie and not a walk down memory lane. Latte, which I kept in a binder never knew there would be a book…) and I do like Mark Bittman and Sam Sifton and the recipes, but the column? Both could use more thoughtful writing to engage readers instead of loud, punchy mini-articles. Take advantage of the stellar $15 prix fixe lunch from Abraco, or try one of the city’s many entries into the booming sandwiches category.

I always hit Momofuku, Bar Boulud for a glass of wine, and a Szechuan Gourmet (which I still hear is awesome). Sommige trucks zijn waanzinnig goed en hebben een enorme schare fans die met liefde een tijdje in de rij staan voor hun favoriete gerecht of snack. Als je een specifieke truck in gedachten hebt, kijk dan op hun website, facebook of twitter account.
This is the doughnut that pulled a Lucy-and-Ethel-at-the-bonbon-factory on Homer Price, and the type of sturdy specimen engineered to withstand, on Formica coffee-shop countertops across the country, the rigors of being dunked into piping-hot cups of coffee.
I dropped my paper subscription shortly thereafter (It USED to be the main reason I had it) and occasionally read some of Bittman’s articles online, and am less and less interested every time I read them. Sadly, I doubt this is fixable in today’s climate of fresh blogging content being published, literally, every second of every day. The recipes were short enough that I thought I would remember a couple on my own and never bothered to study it fully like the old recipes.
The best are found at Pies-n-Thighs, the hole-in-the-wall southern-style fried-chicken kitchen located in the back of an exceptionally seedy Williamsburg bar. Here’s hoping that, someday soon, my fingers will have a reason to flutter straight to the back again.
As much as I respect Bittman, they need new voices, terribly, and I am glad to hear that other people feel the same way! Let us return, as often as necessary, to what we have, which is ample and sometimes glorious. They’re crisp-edged and properly dense, spiced with nutmeg, and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. Buttermilk and sour cream give them a subtle tang, and, because Pies-n-Thighs partner Sarah Buck, in her delightfully quirky way, cuts the batter with a large biscuit ring, each one is about the size of a Texas grapefruit or maybe an undersize boccie ball—which, unlike big bagels, isn’t a bad thing in our book. The Huguenot Torte became one of my crowning achievements and a regular at birthday parties.

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