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The blurring of eating occasions and proactive health and wellness are trends that influenced the introduction of the most successful new food and beverage products in 2012. This makes me curious as to whether there are patterns as to what areas purchase some of these items as opposed to others. Hi, I'm Janet Helm, a nutrition journalist, registered dietitian, food trend tracker and mom of twins. Here you’ll find my thoughts, opinions and musings about nutrition, diet myths, food trends, new products and fad-free healthy eating. The high-volume, transaction-intensive nature of food and beverage supply chain logistics presents significant challenges. The concept of Chinese service is derived from Chinese families and was formalized for special occasions. Chinese service includes certain unique characteristics which make it traditional and sophisticated service.
Foods are presented and served attractively into large platters, bowls, and other containers and brought to the table so that guests can choose food according to their taste since often there is a large selection of different foods.
Chinese service is less labor intensive but the amount of serviceware is quite extensive since foods are served in individual dishes. In most cases, a circular wheel is placed in the table center so guests can rotate it and share food. A rice bowl along with a cup of rice is placed to the right side and a small cup of tea is set slightly on top of the rice bowl or slightly to the left above the center plate.
Spoon and forks are also served for those guests who find it difficult to eat with chopsticks.
A soup cup with a porcelain soup spoon is placed on the center plate or to the left side of the guest.
Though clean folded napkins are served on the cover but tablecloths are not used in most cases. In Chinese service, sweet foods are often served at the beginning of and during the meal and Rice or soup is served at the end of the meal. When guests complete their meal, the servers should remove the empty dish and replace it with a fresh one. The concept of Banquet service arises to serve a group of people who want to celebrate for a special occasion or want to organize an event to honor special guests. Banquet service is basically used in hotels, resorts, country clubs, casinos, and restaurants which have conference rooms in order to organize meetings or events. In banquet service, the menu, numbers of guests, and time of service, number of covers are preset which make this service well organized in advance and make scheduling easier. In banquet service, guests receive very little personal attention and proper service due to the nature of the service. In banquet service, the servers generally follow American settings but the table setting could be modified according to the menu.

After the completion of meal the table should be cleared as per standard since often in banquet service guests used to remain seated for entertainment after dinner.
Banquet service does not require to present check or collect payment at the end of the meal as the banquet is paid for in advance. Family-Style Service is a variant service of American service and considered as an informal service. In this service, all necessary preparations of foods are completed in the kitchen and the foods are then placed in large bowls and on platters with attractive garnishing. Beverages or any others dishes are also served according to the American service or as the situation demands. In most cases the guests serve themselves in taking foods which make the service fast and quick. Guests receive less personal attention and the platter become less attractive as guests serve themselves. If the family style service employ all-you-can-eat feature then servers must refill serving containers as requested. Buffet Service allows the guests to select their meals from a complete and attractive arrangement and fresh display of food on long serving tables. To ensure the quality and the hygiene of the buffet foods, soiled tablecloth is removed and guests are asked to use clean plates each time they return to the buffet.
Crockery and cutlery are stacked conveniently at the head of the buffet table and silverware and napkins so that they would be able pick up with their meals, or a complete cover (usually American) placed on the buffet table for the guests.
The buffet includes normal food course of soups, salads, appetizers, hot dishes, rice, breads and desserts and the buffet has to be look appealing at all the times. A smorgasbordis special feature of a buffet, a large selection of food with Scandinavian selections (ex- cheese and herring) from where guest can receive more food as often as they desire. In buffet service, the job of the server may vary, for example: servers may serve only beverages and dessert, or they may serve several courses or the servers may portion the food and replenish the platters and dishes.
In buffet service, servers have to deal with many guests at one time, but guests get less personal attention than other table service.
With Gueridon service, foods are brought to the dining area on Gueridon trolley fitted with gas burners in a row condition or partially prepared from the kitchen and completed at the guesta€™s tableside in front of the guests. Gueridon service is used in up market restaurants and requires large area for the movement of the trolley. Gueridon service requires experienced servers since they have to be skilled in filleting, carving and flaming the food with wine. In Gueridon service, an extensive training program is organized to train the employees as experienced and expert servers are required. This service is named as silver service as all the cutlery, service dishes, service forks and spoons are used and provided to guests are made of silver.
Table setting procedure of silver service includes hors da€™oeuvres, soup, main course and dessert.

When raw materials, ingredients and manufactured products have a limited shelf life, managing supply chain becomes increasingly difficult. This service is quite traditional and often customized on the basis of nature of the foods. Otherwise, for large groups a small plate (about six inches wide) is placed in the center cover.
Sometimes a long handled, round spoon and bowl may be served to the left of the chopsticks.
Knives are not served in Chinese service sine the food is usually cut into bite-size pieces.
The servers place the bowls and platters with necessary utensils in the center of the table and the food is passed around the table by the guests so that the guests can help themselves to the portions desired.
If more service are used or numbers of guests are large then the servers are involved in serving. In buffet service, the guests either help themselves or served by chefs standing behind the buffet tables to select their items as per the courses they want. Though the numbers of kitchen staffs are limited but the service staffs could be increased depending on the situation. With silver service, the food is portioned in the kitchen and dished into silver plates and brought to the guests for approval and then placed on the sideboard with heating burners or rechaud in order to keep the food warm.
The service procedure of English service also can be provided as a silver service by using silver cutlery and service ware.
By following these five strategies, you can take the challenges out of your food and beverage supply chain.
This service is ideal for those guests who have time to enjoy the art of cooking and can afford to buy expensive food since Gueridon food is very costly but extremely appetizing.
The food is then served to each guest from the left side of the guest using a service spoon and fork.
But the average number of benefits offered by this year’s top-selling food and beverage launches has increased. The food preparation is prepared by Maitre da€™hotel or Chef de Rang and he is assisted by Commis de Rang. After completing the food preparation the food is served to the guest from the right hand side as it is pre-plated.

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