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Adult dog food Variety pack includes (3x2kg Bags): 1 bag (2kg) of Fresh Lamb and brown rice, 1 bag (2kg) of Fresh Salmon and brown rice plus 1 bag (2kg) of Fresh chicken and brown rice to help give the variety that all dogs love. Here at The Natural Dog Food Company we believe that for a happy, healthy dog, nature knows best.
Every ingredient used in Natural Dog Food is of the highest available quality and has been carefully selected to reflect the natural diet of the dog. Furthermore, by combining a high proportion of fresh, human grade meat with our unique range of nutritional herbs, vegetables and whole grains we have been able to create the first complete dog food to contain every nutrient a dog needs without any artificial vitamin supplementation whatsoever.
Our Fresh Meat Adult Range has everything that your dog requires to stay fit and healthy with a shiny coat and happy tummy. Our Fresh British Chicken is from non-battery farmed higher welfare hens and straight out of the human food chain, that means no nasty off cuts like the feathers and feet used by some manufacturers. Our Fresh British Lamb is meadow reared Welsh Lamb from higher welfare farms and straight out of the human food chain. Our Fresh British Salmon is Scottish salmon from sustainable stocks reared in the sea and not closed lochs and is straight out of the human food chain. Dried British Chicken (min 22%), Fresh British Chicken (min 21%), Whole Brown Rice (min 21%) Whole Oats, Mixed Vegetables and Herbs, Whole Barley, Refined Chicken oil, Sugar Beet, Linseed, Brewer’s Yeast.
Dried British Lamb (min 23%), Fresh British Lamb (min 21%), Whole Brown Rice (min 19%) Whole Oats, Mixed Vegetables and Herbs, Whole Barley, Sugar Beet, Linseed, Brewers Yeast, Seaweed. There will always be some variation with a natural product, but the below is a close guide.

There is a picture of the relevant feeding guide in the photographs at the top of the page. These is a wonderful way of giving your dog variety and are also great for taking on holiday. Shopping CartNo products in the cart.International ShippingFor International Shipping (Deliveries Outside of the UK) please telephone for delivery costs. Please note that the Natural Dog Food Company does not make any medicinal claims about its products, none of which are prescription diets or medicines.
Nature's Variety, and check out Nature's Variety on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. Naturea€™s Variety is a privately held company with manufacturing facilities in Lincoln, Nebraska and headquartered in St.
Prairie is a line of canned and kibble dog and cat food that utilizes meat as the first ingredient, whole grains and fruits and vegetables. Nature's Variety utilizes a food safety protocol called High Pressure Processing (HPP) or Pascalization in its raw diets. Natures Variety Instinct Can Dog Duck 13.2 OzGive your dog a hearty and nutritious diet, free of grains and fillers.
Natures Miracle Refill Pick Up Bags 180 Bags - 11.99Dog waste clean-up is easy and mess free with a Nature's Miracle Pick-Up Bag. We believe this reflects in the health of your dog and certainly makes every meal time a happy occasion.

There are no off cuts that would normally find their way into poorer quality foods, just good wholesome meat for your dog. There are no off cuts that would normally find their way into poorer quality foods, just good wholesome fish for your dog. Every dog is different and has a different exercise regime as well as different rates of metabolism. Louis, Missouri specializing in natural, grain-free and holistic pet food for dogs and cats. As such we recommend starting with the guide and then feed by eye, that is to say if the dog puts on a little too much weight then feed a little less, and vice versa if the dog starts losing a little weight, feed more. Naturea€™s Variety specializes in so-called "holistic pet food" ranging from dry kibble, to canned, to raw and grain-free products.
Nature's Variety is an independent company backed by the investment firm Catterton Partners.

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