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I haven’t posted about macarons in a while, but after few years and a bajillion emails I’ve found myself copy-and-pasting the answer to a couple of questions often enough to warrant a short and sweet PSA.
First: when macarons begin to brown around the edges within ten minutes of baking, don’t turn down the heat, check your dye. These dyes may work alright in cake, insulated under a layer of crust, but in macaron shells icing colors will fade on the surface in a way that looks remarkably like browning (though some colors degrade more than others). If you struggle with cracks or footless macarons and want to improve your technique: please skip the food coloring!
A second problem that I’ve seen again and again is the paradox of overmixed yet cracked macarons.
Unlike Angel’s Food Cake or Souffle where you want to handle the meringue as gently as possible, macaronage is all knocking out excess air.
Plenty of people have adjusted their technique to make use of rigid spatulas, but if you constantly wind up with a runny macaron batter that bakes up with cracks instead of feet, try switching to soft plastic. I used Americolor blue soft gel past (103) & it turned green when baked at 300 (could have reached as high as 325). I used powdered vanilla instead of vanilla extract and I don’t use any food colouring as well. But if you are a parent and still feeding your kids artificial food coloring, you need to read this article a lot more carefully. Parents are quick to blame sugar for fueling a child’s bad behavior, but there’s another culprit, one that’s widely disregarded. Side effects: Hyperactivity, skin rashes, bronchoconstriction (especially when combined with other artificial colors), and chromosomal damage. Side effects:  nausea, vomiting, high blood pressure, skin rashes, breathing problems, brain tumors and other allergic reactions. Side effects:  Cancer, provoke asthma attacks, skin reactions, and hyperactivity in children.
The FDA approves a number of natural dyes for use in foods and beverages as well, and their use is skyrocketing, due to consumer concern over synthetic colors.

I'm the girl behind of Yukitchen, with two huge dimples and a passion for cute and healthy living :)  I created this website as a place for me to express my love for whole foods transformed into the cuteness. This leads many folks to crank the heat down low, which prevents the meringue inside from cooking through and results in wet or hollow macarons. You can’t dump petrochemicals into a batter and expect it to behave exactly as it would in its all-natural state.
This can result from spotty technique, too much vigorous stirring and not enough deflation, but overall the balancing act of macaronage is exponentially easier with a thin and flexible spatula. Birthday cakes nowadays are always coated with shockingly vivid colors with a Winnie the Pooh on top smiling.
Artificial colors, synthetic petroleum by products, have been linked to behavioral changes, especially in children, as well as allergic reactions and a host of other adverse effects. They seem to be everywhere – in foods considered ‘healthy’ such as yogurt and fiber-rich breakfast cereals, they’re even in some nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical drugs. 2, a dark blue shade, is a synthetic coal tar dye commonly added to pharmaceutical drugs, as well as many desserts, beverages, pet food, and is also used as a medical diagnostic aid. Cooked red cabbage leaves will eventually turn bluish purple if soaked in a slightly basic solution. 40 (or simply red 40), is an artificial orange-red color used in sweets, drinks and condiments, medications and cosmetics. In the US it’s used to color soft drinks and energy drinks, cake mixes, salty snacks, cereals, packaged soups and more. 6  is used in cereals, baked goods, ice cream, drinks, canned fish, and in many medications including DayQuil capsules and Extra Strength Tylenol. Annatto extract, caramel, and cochineal extract (or carmine) are derived from natural sources but have been linked with allergic reactions.
This indicates a type of dye that works best with fondant, frosting, white chocolate, marshmallows, and other unbaked sweets. My longtime macaron comrade-at-arms Mardi Michels uses powdered food coloring from Crystal Colours and LorAnn.

If you’re trying to master the technique, give yourself a fighting chance and leave the coal tar dye for another day. Rather than searching for a specific brand, head to the store (or your own tool cabinet) to find a spatula soft enough to curl gently against the palm of your hand to form a “C” shape. I was one of the many people who fell into a commercial trick, never thinking anything negative about eating these food. Unfortunately, these reactions and their potential connection to artificial food additives have largely been dismissed by government and the food industry.
It’s artificial colors that help you avoid mixing up your heart pills with your blood pressure pills. I haven’t tried Sugarflair Spectral, but its Amazon listing specifically mentions use in baking, and it’s available in the US and UK. Instead of bending to crush the meringue against the bowl, they simply stir it around, leaving most of the air intact. In 2004, an analysis of fifteen studies found evidence that artificial colors worsen the behavior of children with ADHD(Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).
Asthmatics and those intolerant to aspirin are at increased risk of a reaction to this food dye, which is prohibited throughout Europe. I grew up with parents who got me those colorful cakes for my borthdays, and all my friends seemed to be eating just the same, too. Unless you go nuts and read about nutritions all day like me, you will never find out food you are about to put in your month will most likely cause cancer.

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