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Natural products supposedly contain natural ingredients, but there is no guarantee that those ingredients were not grown or preserved using chemicals – from chemical fertilizers and pesticides, to chemical preservatives – once the ingredient is harvested. Organic products on the other hand, are made with organic ingredients which have been grown, harvested and manufactured using absolutely no chemicals. Megan Kakora has helped launch the websites of, and been the online editor for, some of South Africa’s biggest glossy magazines. Id love to try organic versions of make up just to see how different it is from normal make up.
Silver Spring, Maryland resident Sonia Marie Bunch always knew she’d invest in an organic food and beverage line—the only question was when. Born out of the ’90s coffee house scene, organic coffee accounts for $21 billion of all coffee imported to North America, reports Research and Markets.
A former NASDAQ market analyst, Bunch impressed the store’s executives by “knowing her product, her competitors her marketplace and her niche,” says James Sturgis, director of supplier diversity for Ahold USA.
Bunch jumped into the java business right as the economy tanked and wasn’t able to secure a bank loan.
Bunch runs The EverGreen Home from her home office and spends about $5,000 annually on Website maintenance and trade shows where she promotes her coffee brand through lectures and home roasting demonstrations; her monthly in-store demos are free. Having operated in the red for nearly three years, Bunch expects revenues of $300,000 by year’s end, and projects revenues of $1 million in 2010 by expanding into an additional 380 Giant and Stop and Shop stores in New England. While The EverGreen Home Coffee is also available at three Whole Foods Markets in Southwestern Maryland, the company also sells powdered Japanese-style green tea from it’s Internet storefront and has plans to sell Fair Trade honey, peanut butter, and hot cocoa. There's a nice glossy look thanks to a light lens flair towards the top of the graphic, and the eggshell background frames the label nicely. With effective, authoritative imagery, this graphic provides a great way to showcase your organic credentials to your prospective customers. We can offer our clients both natural and certified organic formulations, being a certified manufacturer for ACO, COSMOS and OFC. Our natural and organic formulations extend across our bath, body, skincare, tanning and baby categories.
DisclaimerAll Content within the website is owned by and is the intellectual property of Natural Beauty Care. The original superfood bar packed with real whole foods and original superfood greens powder. After listening to her parents passionately argue the value of certified organic foods, Ria Chhabra created a Science Fair Project to test the effects of feeding fruit flies organic bananas, raisins, potatoes and soybeans, against their conventionally-grown varieties.
By nearly every measure, including longevity, fertility and oxidative stress, the organic flies produced more offspring and lived longer than the conventionally-fed flies. Ria chose the fruit fly model due to their short lifespan, which allows scientists to quickly evaluate basic biological effects. Greens Plus congratulates Ria for successfully proving what Big Agriculture and Big Pharma have tried to disprove for nearly 100 years. This entry was posted in Health, Research, Social and tagged certified organic, eat organic, fertility, longer life, longevity, organic foods, organic fruits, organic studies, organic study, organic vegetables, oxidative stress, Ria Chhabra, stress, why organic by Christopher Daniels.
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Many high street cosmetics products have a long list of ingredients, most of which you can't even pronounce. Natural and organic skincare products on the other hand tend to avoid these chemicals and instead use more natural ingredients, such as plant and seed extracts. A product can call itself "natural" if it contains at least some naturally derived ingredients. In order to help consumers make informed decisions about what products they are buying, a number of organic certification bodies have grown up around the world.

The Soil Association is a British certification body which has strict criteria about what products can carry their logo. Ecocert has been certifying products for over 20 years and has grown to become one of the leading organic certification bodies worldwide. The Vegan Society is not an organic certification body, but has its' own criteria for certifying which products are suitable for Vegans. All of the products we stock have a country of origin flag which shows you where they come from. As ambassador for the Biological Farmers of Australia in organic skincare, I receive lots of questions regarding the integrity of ingredients in skincare products.
It may take some time for this transition to take place — for the certifying bodies to carry out audits in all the companies making organic claims. Certified organic products are usually more expensive than just natural (non-organic) products and way more expensive than mass-market synthetic products. There are many good natural products on the market, but then there are many poor products that claim to be natural. If your skincare products claim to be natural but you are unsure about an ingredient, become your own scientist.
The other general rule is if the ingredients list looks more like a chemistry class (with super-long chemical-sounding names) than a biology class (with super-long botanical-sounding names), the product may not be so natural after all. Re-educating consumers (and getting them to accept) how truly natural products behave can help reduce the amount of chemicals in skincare by diminishing demand for them.
Unrefined vegetable, nut and fruit oils such as coconut oil and sweet almond oil make fabulous cleansers, but through mass exposure to foaming commercial cleansers, consumers don’t associate oil with cleanliness.
This article was published in WellBeing magazine, Australasia's leading source of information about natural health, natural therapies, alternative therapies, natural remedies, complementary medicine, sustainable living and holistic lifestyles. She believes in less-is-more, except when it comes to her collection of nail polish colours.
From the latest international make-up trends to the hottest new products on the market, we offer insights into the glamorous world of beauty. In February 2008, Bunch added an organic coffee to her roster of offerings under The EverGreen Home, then an organic bedding and green living consulting company.
The 46-year-old borrowed about $30,000 from friends and family, and nearly lost her house in order to can her first few orders of USDA certified organic, fair trade brews.
The company also pays about $800 a year for memberships in the National Minority Supplier Diversity Council, the Organic Fair Trade Association and Green America.
Beverage buyer Keenan says it’s a big leap of faith for a grocer to take on a fledgling brand, but building a stronger brand in smaller store makes your brand more solid.
Find a niche that puts such a big dent in a larger brand’s business that they want to buy you out just to get you off their back, says veteran diversity supplier manager Sturgis. It features two leaves inside of a circular badge bearing the words “100% Organic Product” in a light-green font. Longevity and fertility are two of the most important life traits of an animal and are excellent indicators of overall health.
Her research professor at Southern Methodist University was so impressed, he encouraged Ria to publish her results, titled Organically Grown Food Provides Health Benefits to Drosophila melanogaster, on PLOS-ONE.
He studied Holistic Nutrition at the Clayton College of Natural Health and currently directs Superfood Research and Product Development.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. These are all the chemicals which are included in the products many of which are artificial fragrances, preservatives, additives and colourants. In many cases the benefits of these natural ingredients are superior to their chemical alternatives as well.

However the amount they must contain to call themselves "natural" is not controlled, so some products claiming to be "natural" or "botanical" actually contain minimal amounts of natural ingredients. Organic farming avoids the use of chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides, many of which are damaging to the environment, and can be absorbed into the plants as well thereby entering the food chain. They have different criteria about what a product must be to meet their particular standard, but they all have a common goal - making sure that only those products which contain significant amounts of natural organic ingredients can carry their certification.
This covers not only the ingredients they contain, but they must also "meet environmental standards for packaging and manufacturing, and use approved 'green chemistry' processes when modifying ingredients". It is another member of the Cosmos-standard, so products have to meet the same strict selection criteria. It is well established and follows strict guidelines around ingredients and manufacturing processes. This is mostly because raw organic ingredients are often more expensive to purchase by the manufacturer. Hydromethylglycinate is marketed under the green banner as a naturally derived ingredient, but it is far from natural.
Start by looking at the Environmental Working Group’s website, Skin Deep, to check out the toxicity profile of the ingredients in your skincare. Consumers desire body washes and shampoos that lather with big impressive bubbles, yet they don’t want synthetic chemicals. WellBeing also focuses on natural approaches within the topics of ecology, spirituality, nutrition, pregnancy, parenting and travel. I don’t mind paying for awsome products, but I am not sure about the benefits it has?
Its quite expensive,,,to get the benefits of ORGANIC trend, one must do it religiously and consistently. Join like-minded beauty fanatics in our loyalty program and earn points, trial beauty products and share your experiences. But the demand for her coffee quickly grew from modest sales of six cans a month to 14,400 cans a month to 181 Mid-Atlantic grocery stores. The banner is an attention-grabbing addition, and it contrasts nicely with the green color scheme without clashing. Many of these chemicals can be harsh on the skin, making conditions like eczema and psoriasis worse, and there is also evidence that some of these chemicals are carcinogenic to lab animals and have caused hormone imbalances as well. Arguably, every synthetic object on this planet, including plastic and other dubious substances, are naturally derived — ie they once came from a natural source. Oils lift dirt and nourish and soften the skin and are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and other skin-loving nutrients. This does not mean that they are harmful to us in the quantities contained in cosmetics products, but many people prefer to avoid them for these reasons.
It can be super frustrating navigating one’s way through this labyrinth of jargon and greenwashing. It is “naturally derived” from coconuts, but have you ever seen any part of a coconut lather? The costs of roasting and canning took an $82,000 chunk out of her profits from the delivery.
To help you understand what these certifications and symbols mean, here is a list of the main bodies.
Bunch’s beans are procured through brokers that work directly with farms in Indonesia, Ethiopia and South America.

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