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Our helpful and knowledgeable staff, some of whom have been employed at Van’s Health Food Store for over 30 years, are always willing to help you find the products you are looking for. Our tradition of providing top level customer service and a wide variety of health foods is something that the community has grown to respect. Whether you are simply choosing to live a healthier lifestyle or you have specific nutritional needs, you can find the products and service you’re looking for at Van’s Health Food Store.
Get the latest podcasts from our Monday morning appearances on the award-winning South Shore’s Morning  News, hear highlights and interviews from All Things Foods, or peruse the Podcast Archives. A couple of weekends ago I went to my natural health food store to stock up on my tea obsession as well as pick up a new essential oil I have been meaning to get for the longest. I've been on a tea high since this past fall and have been very happy I have finally discovered and given tea a chance. Oolong tea is semi fermented and lies between green and black tea, containing moderate amounts of caffeine. Tea has a cleansing effect helping those who deal with constipation maintain a regular schedule which helps rid the body of toxins more efficiently.

My morning tea ritual consists of 1-2 cups when I wake up and another cup when I get to work. At last but not least I have been experimenting with making my own body butters usuing shea butter and Coconut Oil. Employees in natural food stores have been caught giving advice that is not only scientifically baseless, but also risky and downright dangerous. About Us & ContactVegan Magazine advocates health for people, animals and the planet through a whole foods, plant-based diet. Many of our clients are regulars and have been coming to our natural health food store for decades! Oolong tea is known to stimulate the digestive system and like most teas helps maintain a clearer mind. I like how light and refreshed I feel after having tea and not to mention all the health benefits I get from a cup of tea everyday. Burning vanilla for aromatherapy purposes helps relax your mind as well as ease tension, stress and headaches.

Not only can you use it on your skin but hair as well which is my ultimate goal with this shea butter and coconut oil mix.
Then recently I decided to switch it up a bit and try Oolong tea which turned out to be just as good. My skin is not only oily but sensitive too so I have been eliminating a lot of ingredients in my skin care regimen because of it. I'm not much of a lotion person but since trying out shea butter and coconut oil my skin has been soaking it up. Since getting this oil I have not stopped using it and sometimes I catch myself just running to the bottle to take a sniff of it.

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