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Atlantic Natural Foods is a private label manufacturer of food products that are natural, high in protein, low in salt, fat, and carbohydrates and are completely meat-free.
Our 50,000 square foot warehouse and labeling facility is located in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, convenient to Interstate 95 and within a day’s drive to all points north and south on the east coast of the United States. Should you find a store is no longer carrying our products in your area, please use Email Customer Care link below to report store location. Like many companies, SEC Storage likes celebrating its successes, including award winning warehouse storage solutions and projects for prestigous brands. Standard pallet racking is a collection of racking components configured in a fairly simplistic way. To illustrate how warehouse racking has helped others, here are a number of small warehouse storage projects completed by SEC Storage. Having outgrown their existing warehouse facility in Hertfordshire, Elmwood Education Ltd moved to a new warehouse in Welwyn Garden City.
SEC Storage designed a standard pallet racking system within their warehouse on a wide aisle configuration, which would accomodate over 220 pallets.
Due to the nature of their operation, a number of picking levels were also installed as a single pick or order could be 1 text book, or an entire pallet. Wildman & Bugby Ltd the internationally recognised leather specialist, was relocating to a new warehouse in Rushden, Northamptonshire.
Following a warehouse appraisal by SEC Storage, the basic system was engineered in a specific way to ensure it was the most cost effective solution. Based on a wide aisle configuration to suit the clients existing counterbalance forklift, it meant no special materials handling equipment was required for inside the warehouse and out in the yard when unloading delivering lorries. The fully adjustable system will remain flexible for Wildman & Bugby who can reconfigure each beam level according to the stock profile. Expert Installations Ltd specialises in retail and POS displays, and were moving to a larger premises as they had outgrown their existing facility.
Following a warehouse appraisal and space planning process, an adjustable pallet racking system was installed, along with a mezzanine floor which enabled the extension of the offices.

The pallet rack system primarily encompasses perimiter racking with one primary central double-entry rack.
TESTIMONIAL: "SEC provided me with a one stop solution for racking, mezzanine and office extension which meant that I had one point of contact for the whole project.
Natural Balance Foods Ltd, the name behind Nakd and Trek wholefood bars, needed to expaned their Oxfordshire based warehouse storage facility. SEC Storage provided a perimeter pallet racking system in the existing warehouse, enabling the staging of finished goods in the centre of the warehouse. In the other 2 new warehouses, a mixture of single-entry and double-entry racking bays were configured along with "bridging-bays" to allow for forklift trucks to pass through the racking.
Additional InformationPlease provide any more Additional Information you may feel relevant! Thanks for a good job, the whole team from start to finish has been very professional and easy to work with.
Working with SEC Interiors was problem free – from the beginning, the lines of communication were excellent and everything happened exactly as scheduled. This webinar will examine factors that can help attract, motivate and retain skilled employees, how to increase productivity with improved workspaces and employee satisfaction and growth through best-in-class welfare, training, teaming and other employee-centric environments. Check out the July 2016 edition of Refrigerated and Frozen Foods Magazine, and get caught up on the State of the Industry! Upon confirming your order, we will send you a link to make a payment via Alipay’s secure payment page.
Meatless beef, chicken, pork, lamb, and seafood are all within our “wheelhouse” of capabilities. You can do it all with this fast-working, super durable Magic Bullet, which includes a range of blending cups & versatile lids for prepping, serving & taking your creation on the go. However we have helped many clients with solutions for their small and medium sized warehouses. Without incorporating complicated dynamic storage systems or configurations, the system is aligned in a run of single entry bays or a double entry rack, accessed either side by a forklift, pallet truck or pallet stacker.

As writers and publishers of school texts books they had a requirement to store very heavy pallets and maximise capacity, with the ability to accomodate future growth. It gave them the opportunity to re-assess their storage methods and look to incorporate pallet racking.
Utilising a uniformed pallet rack bay aperture, each level was designed to accomodate a certain weight of rolled leather goods, which in turn presented cost savings as only cheaper, lighter duty beams were installed where necessary.
They required a solution within the warehouse storage space that not only provided them with sufficient pallet storage, but enabled them to extend their offices.
To maximise space, SEC specified single pallet bays, which enabled the full use of space increasing capacity by up to 50%. Not only did they require standard pallet racking in 2 new warehouses, they required the existing rack storage reconfigured to suit the changing business operation. This provided maximum space utilisation of the new warehouse, and storage capacity for the client in coming years. SEC Storage is able to work with you from a single bay of racking to complete warehouse fit out, no matter the size of your warehouse or operation. The builders who worked on our meeting room were friendly and efficient and made every effort to minimise disruption as in the week before Christmas we continued working while they were building!
Starting at just 2100mm high, pallet racking can be suitable for even the smallest warehouse, to help with the storage of pallets and various product types. Our lead food scientist has over 25 years experience in product development and our management team has over 120 years experience in food processing and production.

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