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The main contradiction of a “natural” restaurant in an artificial urban environment becomes the core of the design.
The highlight of the restaurant is the floating To Go counter, which merges into the lounge bar, which in turn merges into the water plant panorama.
Organic restaurants are a new trend in the eating habits of health conscious Americans who are into organic eating and vegan dieting. The label, organic is used to refer to crops grown in soil without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
This ensures that harmful chemicals do not find their way into the food produced by the animals. Organic is more labor intensive than chemical farming; therefore organic ingredients tend to be more expensive on average. Restaurants must stay abreast of current trends in consumer preferences if they are to survive, and so have begun to embrace the health conscious consumer by emphasizing healthier meals in general, and organic cooking in particular. It starts with such things as grass fed beef, organically produced eggs, and organically grown produce, and extends to the manner in which the food is prepared as well.
The offerings range from having some items on the menu prepared with organic ingredients, to organic restaurants where everything served conforms to the concept of organic food prepared in the most healthful way.
Like organic farming, the up front expense of preparing food this way is reflected in the price, but for the health conscious person, it is a price well worth the known organic food advantages. In some cases individuals may have sensitivities to chemicals used in commercial farming, and so organic eating provides an alternative they can enjoy without being negatively affected. The public now wants healthy as well as convenient meals, and once again the industry must change and adapt to meet consumer demand! In the case of organic fast food restaurants, only part of the menu is prepared this way, but as more customers express an awareness of organic food advantages, it is likely that more of the menu offerings will be organic vs non-organic.
You are more likely to find them in metropolitan areas, and upscale areas of many communities. Here, it?s all about what?s good for your body, and each dish and drink is packed to the brim with vitamins, minerals and enzymes.
We decided to have dinner at Glow, but lunch is obviously the more popular choice, as the meals are quite light.
Next up were two complimentary appetizers, which were both unexpected and superb (the avocado yoghurt was particularly good). Mains were a host of small dishes ? salt and pepper tofu with green papaya and exotic fruit salad, grilled tiger prawns with young coconut, pomelo and chilli paste salad (extraordinary flavours), a robust sour curry of ocean trout with pickled vegetables, and stir fried water spinach.
Mark?s spiced chicken with zucchini spaghetti, lentils and tomato and basil salad was just as fresh, but not quite as multi-layered in flavour.

Opening times Breakfast is served daily from 6am to 11am, with all-day dining available from 11am to 9pm. Architect Cass Calder Smith grew up on a commune and studied solar energy, but his green designs don't suffer from the dreaded hippie aesthetic. This is reflected in the contrast between natural form and disciplined, geometric abstraction, as well as in the coming together of nearly dematerialized and overly tactile, sensuous surfaces. In front of the kitchen area, high, counter-like tables are situated for the guest who’s on the run – evoking the feeling one gets while eating at the kitchen counter.
The lounge area consists of individual green islands, allowing for varied seating configurations. While daylight is simulated from late-morning to late-afternoon, the atmosphere in the evening transforms into a warm, sunset-mood.
Organic food advantages have been known for some time, but now market savvy restaurant owners are offering organic ingredients and organic cooking not just as a healthy alternative, but as fine cuisine. When referring to things of animal origin like meat, milk, and eggs, it means that the animals graze on grass and eat natural rather than commercial feed, and are not given antibiotics, growth hormones or other artificial substances. As more and more is known about the harmful effects of the chemicals in our food supply, organic food advantages become evident! The health conscious consumer therefore must weight the added cost against the health benefits of organic cooking.
After all fast food is synonymous with hastily prepared, processed food that is anything but healthy.
Organic cooking emphasizes quality rather than speed, but ways will be found to combine organic ingredients with ease of preparation. This is an emerging trend, but still not a situation where you will find one on every corner! Visit the sites below for more information about organic eating, and organic food advantages. In fact, most hotel restaurants are so concerned with decadence and flavour that health often falls by the wayside. That said, I went for the set menu and was completely full by the end of it ? it seemed an endless array of dishes kept coming from the kitchen!
There?s an extensive list of extractions or blends ? we chose the young coconut and vanilla pod blend, and the mango, honey, yoghurt and cardamon blend. My set menu offered organic chicken, coconut and galangal broth for a starter ? a hot, spicy soup with all kinds of flavours resulting in an explosion of taste. It came with an exotic fruit salad with lemongrass granita, which was deliciously fresh, and Mark?s chocolate and coconut pudding with fresh banana and passion fruit sorbet was similarly superb.

The food is so fresh it will redefine what you think of when you hear the phrase ?fresh food?. For their organic slow food restaurant in San Francisco, Mark Lewis and Matthew Guelke wanted to adhere to green design principles, but to reach beyond the "earthy-crunchy crowd" "The earthier places are great, but a lot of their clientele already eats this way," Guelke says.
Although it was planned to appeal to the typical inner-city Happy Hour constituent, the lounge has evolved into a terrain for baby carriages and crawling toddlers.
However this idea is catching on in the restaurant industry, as the criticism of fast food is growing. Included will be a listing of organic restaurants, a link to a new organic fast food restaurant as well. Not so with Glow, the Metropolitan Hotel in Bangkok?s all-natural and organic health food restaurant. I?d heard talk of this mango and black sticky rice dessert (it?s a favourite among Thais, apparently), but I?d never tasted it.
It?s also full of unexpected flavours and textures, with strong Thai staples like coconut and pineapple in almost every dish. Mark chose the Glow Caesar Salad, with wholewheat croutons and tofu aioli, which was excellent. I was extremely sceptical, it?s not a particularly pretty dish, and I still find the idea of rice for dessert a little odd. All furniture pieces form a mutual horizon by being the same height – creating a scenic, landscape-like space.
The columns are umbra-grey in color; to accentuate, the upholstery is a fresh, light green.
I was totally wrong, it turned out to be absolutely delicious - delicately flavoured, sweet and nutty and refreshing all at once. Instead Smith chose hickory reclaimed from a 186-year-old barn in Gilson, Illinois and acquired by Restoration Timber.
The fabric is 100 percent natural and will not off-gas toxic chemicals into the air—an environmental complement to Weiss's organic food. The floor is covered with all-natural tiles from Royal Mosa, a company that recaptures and recycles all of its waste, from pigments to gas particulates.

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