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Though the label sounds catchy and interesting, it can potentially give you a lot of calories. Though your intention is to have healthy organic food products, but it might not be good for you. To speak simply about this product is it is just chips after all no matter in what way it is presented. It has become an obsession trend these days for people regarding the hundred calorie calorie serving size. This energy drink is consumed to restore and replenish your body after that heavy workout in the morning. Last weekend, I attended the Natural Product Expo West to check out the hottest new trends in health food and to taste what products will soon be hitting the shelves of our favorite markets. Love Grown Foods®, a leading natural food company, announced today it has appointed three new advisors as it continues to make a splash in the natural products industry.
Just in time to spread the LOVE at Booth #2296 at Natural Products Expo West, Love Grown Foods is thrilled to announce that esteemed executives Mo Siegel and Tom Spier have joined their recently assembled Board of Advisors along with industry veteran Joan Boykin, who has been named a strategic advisor.
Mo Siegel founded, chaired and presided over Celestial Seasonings, Inc., the largest manufacturer and marketer of specialty teas in North America, from 1970 – 1986. Joan Boykin, Love Grown Foods’ strategic advisor, is the executive director of The Organic Center.

During Natural Foods Expo West, which runs March 9-11, 2012, Love Grown Foods and its team of LOVE Ambassadors will be spreading the LOVE in Anaheim.
People often are mistaken and estimate too much about products that contain whole grain or when they say it is gluten free or they usually don’t think about the negative effect that ingredients like flax seeds can cause. Though some people consider that organic food is wholesome yet the toaster pastries are toaster pastries after all and they are nothing less than a junk food.
Added to this is it is made of corn which is again full of starch which is a junk food again. Though it is commendable that the serving portion is controlled, yet at the end of the day it is still junk and only the company benefits from this and not the people who eat them.
It does nothing to your body except give it some more calories, with the sugar in it which you have tried so hard burning. The next time you shop for food products, check the ingredient list and not be carried by the label or the packaging.
We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us. Love Grown Foods, which two young entrepreneurs founded in 2008, is now available in more than 2,100 stores throughout the United States and Canada and will reach 3,000 outlets by this summer. Attendees and press are invited to stop by their booth to learn more about the company and taste their delicious, all-natural, Certified Gluten-Free products that are flying off retailers’ shelves.

You can submit and view engagements, wedding, anniversaries and birth announcements at Prairie Mountain Media's Milestones form. This yogurt is nothing but a waste food as it literally adds more sugar content to your body which you are already striving so hard to reduce. Siegel planned and developed Earth Wise, marketer of cleaning products, which was later sold to Block Drug Company. Spier started his career working in finance, but after four years on Wall Street, he joined Bear Naked as COO. During that time, Bear Naked grew to become the largest natural granola company in the country. Siegel returned to serve as chairman and CEO of Celestial Seasonings until May 2000, when Celestial Seasonings merged with The Hain Food Group. Spier successfully grew the company and positioned the organization for its sale to Kellogg’s.
Spier has overseen the company’s maturation from a small regional brand with products in one category to a multi-category platform brand with broad national distribution.

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