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After listening to her parents passionately argue the value of certified organic foods, Ria Chhabra created a Science Fair Project to test the effects of feeding fruit flies organic bananas, raisins, potatoes and soybeans, against their conventionally-grown varieties. By nearly every measure, including longevity, fertility and oxidative stress, the organic flies produced more offspring and lived longer than the conventionally-fed flies. Ria chose the fruit fly model due to their short lifespan, which allows scientists to quickly evaluate basic biological effects.
Greens Plus congratulates Ria for successfully proving what Big Agriculture and Big Pharma have tried to disprove for nearly 100 years. This entry was posted in Health, Research, Social and tagged certified organic, eat organic, fertility, longer life, longevity, organic foods, organic fruits, organic studies, organic study, organic vegetables, oxidative stress, Ria Chhabra, stress, why organic by Christopher Daniels.
We all know the saying “Health comes through the mouth” which is especially true  for organic food produced in environmentally clean, unpolluted soil which is not chemically treated. Natural, environmentally friendly, organic and microbial fertilizers are used in organic production and animals are fed exclusively with natural, ecological food.
In one research project experts made a comparison and got  these numbers: organic food contains 27% more vitamin C, 21% more iron, 29% more magnesium and 13% more phosphorus. At home the domain of food safety and correct food management present are four well-known ethics by which the food industry regulates how it relates to all issues of food hygiene. Together, these ethics occupation to cover all unsympathetic areas everyplace the contamination of food occurs. By observing these ethics we greatly minimize the hygiene risks involved in the management of food and in the substantial contamination of food. For folks who suffer several type of food allergy consumption on a restaurant, or even consumption on someone elsea€™s family circle can be can be like taking their lives into their own hands.

Foods to mainly commonly trigger an allergic upshot include shellfish, fish, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat, milk and eggs.
Processed food is all on calculate saving, millions of pounds are spent all day on this food, to facilitate manufacturers pump in a daze all day. If you would like to receive our newsletters, super sale events, daily and weekly specials, discount coupons and other rewards just send us your email and we will keep the super sales, rewards and the deals coming to you! One of the most obvious and pivotal aspects of adopting a healthier lifestyle is to start eating healthier of course, however, that task can often be difficult because the standard diet is largely processed. Longevity and fertility are two of the most important life traits of an animal and are excellent indicators of overall health. Her research professor at Southern Methodist University was so impressed, he encouraged Ria to publish her results, titled Organically Grown Food Provides Health Benefits to Drosophila melanogaster, on PLOS-ONE.
He studied Holistic Nutrition at the Clayton College of Natural Health and currently directs Superfood Research and Product Development.
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Organic products look the same as products not labeled as “organic products”, but the first difference you will notice is intense smell and taste. Hydrogenated fat and sodium dangerous glutamine (MSG) are some of the banned additives associated with many health problems. Dining out is great recreation for most, and people do it just about as often as they can afford it. Ingesting even a small trace of the food to causes an allergic upshot can be deadly in support of the allergy sufferer. Tropical Traditions and Grass-fed Traditions: At Tropical traditions you will find a varied assortment of organic and raw cooking oils, spreads, honey, mixes, flours, snack foods, natural supplements and a lot more.

Shop Organic: Shop Organic is another great supplier of organic foods as well as foods that are gluten free, kosher, paleo, raw and vegan. The Green PolkaDot Box: This membership based club offers organic and non-GMO foods at wholesale prices. Blackwing Quality Meats: Blackwing is another great resource for organic and natural proteins such as free-range chicken, pork, beef, turkey, pheasant, venison and much more. Natural Candy Store: Your demanding sweet tooth can be naturally satisfied by everything the Natural Candy Store has to offer.
Most organic products contain more nutrients, vitamins and minerals than conventionally produced food.
But what if you have eaten way too often at the restaurants near you, and have gotten bored?
Referring to a surplus of online natural food stores will allow you to receive newsletter discounts as well as compare between prices, brands and ingredients.
You can find a yummy assortment of handmade jellies, jams and candy as well as natural varieties of teas, spices, oils, honey, mixes and much more.
They carry natural varieties of baking ingredients, beans, extracts, mixes, healthy prepared foods and much more. You would love to try a new place, and you dona€™t mind if it is slightly more expensive than what you are used to, but you do want your moneya€™s worth. You have to know a few basics, but ultimately ita€™s your instincts that will tell you whether the latest hot eatery in town is your thing or no.

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