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I think it’s also very appropriate that there is a dog on site, since The Camp also has a shop which sells cosmetics and beauty products which are not tested on animals.
Native Foods offers organic and vegan foods, providing those who adhere to a vegan diet a variety of options without having to worry about whether the dishes follow their vegan guidelines or asking the chef to make substitutions. Upon entering the restaurant, we picked up a menu from the stack just inside the doors and asked the man at the register if we could look over the menu at one of the tables and also order from the tables. The dining area of Native Foods resembles a yurt and has a large propeller-like fan in the center. We had The Mama Mia, a cheese-less pizza topped with portobello mushrooms, tomato sauce, pesto, basil, roasted garlic, sausage chunks made out of seitan, and caramelized onions. Sam’s Native Cheesecake unfortunately did not have very much cheese flavor and was quite bland.
I have been vegan for several years, and I get very excited when an all-vegan business opens up. As vegan restaurants go (and I’ve been to several all over the country), Native Foods has always ranked closer to the bottom than the top.
PAWSThe Performing Animal Welfare Society rocks and Native Foods celebrates this fabulous group the first Wednesday of each month and by donating 100% of the profits from the Native Tote Bags. Although I have shopped at The Lab on occasion, I visited The Camp for the first time upon invitation from my vegan friend to try Native Foods.
I ate at Native Foods on the afternoon of a relatively hot day and unfortunately noticed that the fan moves too slowly and its arms are too thin to generate a cooling breeze.

The animal friendly theme runs throughout all of the restaurant’s decorations and is even present on the menu. As a sucker for anything peanut butter, I found the parfait to be very delicious, especially with the addition of carob chips and chunks of Boogie Bar layered on the top and bottom of the parfait. Luckily, the cinnamon peanut butter icing on the side was very thin in contrast to standard cake frosting and tasted almost like chai. Bernard-rescue dog, but instead of carrying a cask of brandy around its neck, the scuba dog would have to carry a tank of oxygen, I guess! I patronize such businesses as much as I can, not only because they sell me the vegan fare I’m after, but also because I want to support them. The food has tended to be reasonably decent, albeit not as good as some of the other incredible places I’ve been like Real Food Daily in Santa Monica, and Herbivore in SF, to name just a couple. Luckily, my friend already had in mind what we should order, so we didn’t have to stand too long perusing the menu. The seitan sausage chunks were chewy but retained a lot of oil, so the only flavor I could discern of the seitan sausage was that of oil. Boogie Bars are also sold separately and are made from wheat flour, almonds, oats, coconut, carob chips, and vanilla. Given the option, I would definitely choose the Peanut Butter Parfait over this chocolate cake, anytime. Much of the flavor came from the accompanying berry sauce, which was fresh and sweet instead of tart.

Unfortunately, Native Foods, never much of a dazzler, has gotten worse and worse over time.
I was hesitant to bite into the whole roasted garlic cloves because I thought the spicy garlic flavor would be too powerful, but I discovered that roasting the garlic cloves significantly reduces the sharp taste of raw garlic and even adds a hint of sweetness to the garlic. The graham cracker crust had a nice toasted flavor, but again, I would much rather have the Peanut Butter Parfait.
Except for the addition of the seitan sausage, this pizza tasted similar to any other pizza loaded with vegetables.
I didn’t even notice this pizza doesn’t have cheese until I got home and looked at the photos!
What disturbs me most about this is the fact that non-vegans whose first vegan eating experience may be at Native Foods will be more likely to come away from their meal thinking vegan food is undesirable (and heaven forbid, this could influence a fence-sitter into not making the plunge into a vegan lifestyle). It’s a shame that a business that purports to want to do the right thing is now (in my opinion) actually doing harm to the movement by making vegan food relatively unappealing.

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