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Page Content 1??The British Retail Consortium (BRC), recognized worldwide for its audits in food safety, certifies our facilities.
Page Content 1??Launched in 2000, The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) is a set of food safety and quality standards that were initially developed in the European Union. The Consumer Goods Forum, the only independent global network for consumer goods retailers and manufacturers worldwide.
Our closely trimmed, ?" boxed beef will help your customers increase their saleable yield while allowing them to use store labor to meet their consumers’ needs and merchandise the meat case. Select a Product Grade below and Primal Cut from the image to the right to see a list of products.
The government’s Agricultural Marketing Service’s (AMS) Commodity Procurement Staff purchases a variety of food products for use in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and other food assistance programs. All ground beef that is generated for the NSLP is further processed and cooked at other USDA establishments that are inspected by AMS inspectors. There are a number of stringent requirements that USDA-inspected establishments must meet in order to supply the U.S. If an establishment harvests (slaughters) livestock, further processes carcasses and then grinds the product, it would be a perfect fit. Plants that are vertically integrated (those that harvest, fabricate and grind) are an ideal fit for the NSLP because these establishments have the ability and skills to monitor the meat’s integrity via multi-hurdle pathogenic interventions during harvesting and de-boning (removal of objectionable materials such as silver skin, neck straps, tendons, etc.) more effectively than further processors. When the product reaches its final destination, randomly selected shipping containers are checked by an AMS agent to ensure that the product is at 0 degrees F or lower. If a company harvests livestock, it must have a written humane handling program that is based on the American Meat Institute’s (AMI) 2010 Livestock Manual, which is co-authored by Dr.
Every year, around May or June, a NSLP conference, put on by Livestock and Seed, is held in Kansas City, Missouri. The BRC guidelines are a suite of industry-leading Technical Standards aligned to the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

Today, these standards have been adopted world-wide, with the goal to enhance food safety and quality, to ensure consumer protection and to strengthen consumer confidence. It serves nearly 400 members, in over 150 countries.? To ensure that the GFSI standards for food safety and quality are met, certification must be obtained by one of only four companies authorized by the GFSI to audit for their standards.
This ensures that the ground beef is cooked at an appropriate time and temperature, ensuring that any pathogens are eliminated. However, if a company is a further processor and grinder or just a grinder, it too can qualify. The audit usually takes one day and includes auditing human handling in the corrals, the harvesting floor, fabrication and grinding operations. That is, after the company responds to a critical non-compliance record, including future preventive measures. For every 10,000 pounds of ground beef generated, a composite sample is taken and collected by the establishment during the filling continuum of each sub-lot and picked up by an ADL courier on the same day or the next morning. It’s usually a two-day conference that delineates any changes for both new and existing suppliers. This ensures our customers receive quality beef that meets the highest standard in the world. The Global Food Safety Initiative represents collaboration between some of the world's leading food safety experts from retailer, manufacturer and food service companies, as well as service providers associated with the food supply chain.
To ensure our compliance with GFSI, National Beef® has achieved accreditation through third party auditing by the British Retail Consortium (BRC).
It requires that a company incorporate the plan, do, check and act format from the time a cow is euthanized through the entire continuum of harvesting, fabrication and grinding; leading up to and including the delivery of finished product to its final destination.
The company is then issued a non-compliance record that needs to be addressed and documented by the establishment within ten working days. That is, when comparing the price per pound of commercial ground beef opposed to what the government pays – therein lies the incentive.

Yet another humane handling of livestock audit is performed before the disqualification status is lifted.
All samples are held by the AMS agent in a locked, government sealed sub-zero freezer at the establishment until the ADL courier picks up the samples.
All establishments that were approved in 2012 must again re-submit a new 2013 Technical Proposal, (regardless if there are changes or not) before they are allowed to bid in 2013. Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Treenuts - Pecans In GFS Honey Roasted Peanuts Received From Supplier Trophy Nut Co. The auditor will also check the plants multiple HACCP, SSOP and Prerequisite programs for efficacy, including its food defense program, and will request a private conference with the establishment’s Inspector-In-Charge. CDCVoluntary Recall for 30 Bakery ProductsAllergen Alert: Kitchen Cravings Strawberry and Mixed Berry Parfaits with trace peanutsStarway Inc. Each company is assigned an Assigned Designated Laboratory, (ADL) where the samples of boneless and ground beef are tested. Know that the AMS also audits these ADLs at least once a year, and that they must bid for their Government contract as well. USDAHouse of Smoke Recalls Products Due To Nitrite Levels in Excess of Regulatory LimitKapowsin Meats Inc. For example, if you take individual N70 samples of each individual 40 combo bin and bin number 36 tests positive for E. Recalls Siluriformes Fish Products Due To Possible Adulteration OTHERHouse of Smoke Recalls Products Due To Nitrite Levels in Excess of Regulatory LimitKapowsin Meats Inc.

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