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Purified water, vegetable-source glycerin, organic agave nectar, organic raspberry flavor, organic stevia extract, other organic and natural flavors, citric acid. Disclaimer Product reviews are provided for informational purposes only and reflect solely the views and opinions expressed by the contributors and not those of the Vitamin Shoppe. These products are dietary supplements and are not intended to diagnose, treat cure or prevent any disease. Disclaimer: Product reviews are provided for informational purposes only and reflect solely the views and opinions expressed by the contributors and not those of the Vitamin Shoppe. And, of course, the fine print: Get free shipping on your next order when you spend over $100.
The Old Sea Captain, long a mysterious and strong archtype of man's need to be one with and challenge the sea.This natural, organic men's t-shirt features his likeness. If you're not happy with this item for any reason, you may return it for a full refund within 30 days.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
Enjoy OLV's fresh fruity taste by itself, or mix 2 tbsp (1 fl oz) or more juice or a morning protein shake.

Reviews are not intended as a substitute for appropriate medical care or the advice of a physician or another medical professional. Every artisan-crafted Irontree tee is unique and features hand-finished details, like the Irontree label on the back at the neckline. The subtotal of your purchase must be $100.01 or greater after any promotional discounts have been applied. Additional fees such as tax or shipping and handling do not apply toward your minimum subtotal requirement of $100.01.
The lamina is green above and pale green below and has a length of 30-40 cm and width 8-12 cm. The information and statements regarding the dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
Certain items that require additional shipping and handling are excluded from this promotion and do not apply towards your $100.01 subtotal minimum. If you are currently taking a prescription medication, you should work with your health care provider before discontinuing any drug or altering any drug regimen, including augmenting your regimen with dietary supplements. Do not attempt to self-diagnose any disease or ailment based on the reviews and do not use the information contained herein for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease.

Apart from India, it is cultivated in Pakistan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, Korea, China, Sri Lanka, Nepal, East & West Africa, South Pacific Islands, Malagasy, Caribbean Islands and Central America.
If you have a health concern or suspect you have an undiagnosed sign or symptom, please consult a physician or health care practitioner. In India, it is cultivated in the States of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala.Turmeric is a tropical crop cultivated from sea level to 1200 meter MSL. It grows in light black, black clayey loams and red soils in irrigated and rainfed conditions. Turmeric oleoresin is used in brine pickles and to some extent in mayonnaise and relish formulations, non-alcoholic beverages, gelatins, butter and cheese etc. The colour curcumin extracted from turmeric is used as a colourant.Turmeric is also used as a dye in textile industry.

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