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The greengrocer's apostrophe: Fruit and vegetable shops are a hotspot for the apostrophe errors (file picture)They were guilty of a variety of slip-ups.
The commonest evidence of this transgression is on display in countless fruit and vegetable shops, with handwritten signs advertising apple's and pear's for saleA  -A  the classic greengrocer's apostrophe. Using all the marinade ingredients make a paste.Apply this paste all over the chicken and let it marinade for 2-3 hours or overnight. Chop the vegetables finely Take a fry pan and splutter mustard seeds in oil Add finely chopped onionWhen the onion has turned light brown in colour, add 1 tsp turmeric powder, medium chopped green chilly and salt to taste.

The first was a failure to understand that plural nouns in English do not take an apostrophe.
Replacement of they're with their was voted the most annoying, followed by the use of a greengrocer's apostrophe to denote a pluralA  -A  as in the incorrect boy's instead of boys.
Another infuriating howler was confusing its with it'sA  -A  the first the possessive form of it and the second an abbreviation of the phrase it is.
In the punctuation test taken by 2,000 adults, teachers were most likely to get the answers right, with more than 80 per cent getting full marks.

Journalists and those working in public relations came second, followed by lawyers and civil servants in third and fourth places. Women not only scored higher marks than men, they also claimed to care more about incorrect punctuation.Londoners came out on top as Britain's best regional punctuators, getting 78 per cent of the answers right.

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