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The idea of the city’s exchequer being hit up for funding for a new arena should be a non-starter. The Flames are looking at an area known as the West Village, which Mayor Naheed Nenshi is rightly dubious about. Those who balk at giving the Flames some city land should consider the benefits a new arena would bring to the city. Having an NHL team with an arena that can be used for many other types of shows, adds to the quality of life here the way, as one letter writer pointed out, theatres, parks and other urban amenities do. As a symbol of prestige and accomplishment, property ownership is understood to be a central part of the American dream.
When parents bring a child into the clinic, they do so hoping for help to treat an acute illness or a longer-term problem. A minor plank in the Liberals’ election platform aimed to ensure “that 2015 will be the last federal election” conducted with the “first-past-the-post” electoral system.
When Albertans woke up Saturday morning, the sun was shining and the Progressive Conservatives were in charge of things.
August 23 is a momentous day for a dynasty whose age has long been a millstone, moreso than a point of pride. The grandpapa of the family, Peter Lougheed, is not with us to celebrate this auspicious moment.

Lougheed, now 79, recalls standing at a podium in Vegreville during the campaign 36 years ago and pointing out that many people in the audience hadn’t even been born when the Socreds took office.
In September, the Tories will also be in sole ownership of another record: most premiers in a dynasty. The area needs a multimillion-dollar environmental cleanup and a reconstruction of the neighbouring interchange at Bow Trail and 14th Street. More big-name acts would come to Calgary, acts that now bypass our city because of the logistics of the Saddledome’s iconic, if peculiarly shaped roof.
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The party of Lougheed, Klein, Redford and a bunch of other premiers has eclipsed the turn-of-last-century Nova Scotia Liberals to become the longest stretch of one-party rule in Canadian history.
In 2007, when the PCs surpassed the Social Credit’s 36-year endurance streak, he told me the 1971 version of him would have been gobsmacked. Alberta’s first Tory premier never envisioned that the party he built from the basement up would persevere so long. If, let’s say, the Wildrose took over from that point, they would have to remain in power well into 2060 to become the new Iron Party. The Ontario Tories and their Big Blue Machine had six premiers over 42 years, while the Nova Scotia dynasty had five.

Maroon 5 axed their Calgary performance in part because of the logistical challenge of suspending their LCD screen from the roof.
If you encounter a comment that is abusive, click the "X" in the upper right corner of the comment box to report spam or abuse. If it came from another province, Manitoba’s NDP would be the first to crack the Alberta Blue ceiling — in 2043.
Ian Low, Central Canada regional president for the promotions firm Live Nation, estimates the roof ‘s technical limitations are responsible for up to five big-name concerts taking a pass on Calgary each year. That’s a lot of lost revenue for the city in terms of fans coming in from surrounding areas to see a show and helping to boost the economy by patronizing Calgary businesses during their visit. SubbanMontreal this morning is a regular morning update to keep you in the know about what you should expect before starting your day.

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