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The idea of a sacred grove is something common to early religions in cultures around the world but sometimes a place is sacred for what it means to the person who lives there. The park, hidden in the middle of a woods, showcases gigantic, moss-covered mannerist sculptures (sometimes carved out of living rock) which are inspired from such literary works as Orlando Furioso (Ariosto) and Virgil’s Aeneid.
When I taught for DODDS in Italy, I took my gifted students on many a fabulous Italian adventure (aka field trip).
I like the fact that the park is remote and hard to get to, we’ve all seen what has happened when a beautiful spot becomes a tourist destination. I added this beautiful place to my bucket list.just to sit there and look at all the beauty and love put into this land. About This BookFrankie isn't exactly sure what her scientist dad does in his top-secret laboratory, but her neighbors tease her that it must be something awful -- like developing germ warfare.
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Orsini created the garden after his wife died, he needed something to put his mind to, and architect Pirro Lugorio helped him a lot with his work.
This is the case for a peculiar 16th century garden known as Il Parco dei Mostri di Bomarzo. So save a visit for some time when you have a car, and perhaps drive on to Villa Lante, a real park on the way to Viterbo afterward.
So when Frankie's older brother steals a bit of mysterious goo from their father's lab, she makes sure she gets some to conduct her own experiment. They are located in a part of a woodland near the valley where the famous Orsini family castle. The monuments have no connection with each other; it seems like they are just randomly placed around the garden with no specific plan whatsoever.
This Monster Park is composed of the sculptural work of Pier Francesco Orsini (1528-1588) and built near the Orsini Castle near Bomarzo, in the province of Viterbo.

First take the train to the Attigliano-Bomarzo station and then walk, by foot, 10 kilometers uphill along a highway and then down. Pier Francesco Orsini built this garden, and his wanted it to be different and non-religious.
A part of the sculptures are Pegasus, Poseidon and Proteus, and there are specially one monument that is really powerful: the one of the elephant crushing a Roman soldier. Taking a walk through the garden today is far from boring, because you never know what kind of monster monument will wait around the corner.

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