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By using this Web site, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the Terms of Use. In a nutshell, the Mittleider gardening method is about growing  a lot of food in limited space, usually achieved by utilizing vertical growing, where plants are fed a balanced diet of nutrients on a weekly basis. While there are some doubts whether the Mittleder gardening method can be called organic, there is no question that the 16 nutrients fertilizer mixture that is fed to the plants every week is composed of naturally occurring elements.
To get familiar with the Mittleider gardening method, you can either buy a book from here or go through the excellent videos of  LDSPrepper here. The substrate can contain several different mediums but is generally a 50-75 percent sawdust or peat moss mixture with 50-25 percent sand, perlite or Styrofoam pellet addition. You can go to the Food for Everyone Foundation and order the packets of micronutrients, which are then mixed with 3 pounds of Epsom Salt and 20 pounds of 16-8-16, 20-10-20 or 16-16-16-16 NPK organic fertilizer. Many organic plant foods carry a balance of these micronutrients, which can be added to the NPK and Epsom salt mixture.
MittleiderThe Mittleider Method of Grow-box gardening is a synthesis of the best features of several major methods of gardening - organic, conventional, and hydroponic - giving the plant access to all available soil nutrients and microbial activity, adequate feeding and pest control, and high-density planting in a controlled environment.
While the more popular approach is to use raised beds (grow boxes) with custom soil consisting of mixed sawdust and sand, it is also possible to practice the Mittleider gardening method on bare earth or the so called soil beds.

Mittleider’s system begin with the idea that crops can be grown in any soil with the proper nutrients introduced and in a closely planted small space. Plants are fed with the nutrients every week rather than traditional methods which only fertilize a few times during the plant’s life span. Soil tests can help you determine if your medium is deficient in one or more of these micronutrients. Mittleider, a long time California nursery owner, whose prodigious plant skills brought him acclaim and instigated his gardening program.
Most avid gardeners have tricks and tips to increase their garden bounty and grow the biggest, juiciest fruits. He used a combination of growing techniques drawn from traditional soil substrate gardening and hydroponics. The substrate used to fill the box is soilless, roughly one-third sand and two-thirds sawdust. He believed that even a 4-foot Mittleider grow box was sufficient to fulfill much of an individual’s produce needs.
Seeds are closely sown and vertical gardening assistances are installed to enhance space and encourage upward growth.

Some organic gardeners argue that the micronutrient packet is not organic because it contains synthetic chemicals to simulate the minor nutrient needs. The idea was to utilize the nutrient delivery system of hydroponics which flushed food directly to plant roots. Directly running lines to slowly water roots daily rather than soaking the area several times a week provides a more economical and beneficial uptake.
The Mittleider garden method is widely used in over 26 countries and a good all-purpose guide for any gardener. He felt this was a more efficient way to feed plants and combined it with a targeted watering program, which used less water but funneled it straight to plant roots for quick uptake.

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