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One of the few remaining authentic tamari shops is Mitoku's producer, Minamigura Aoki Yaemon Company, founded by the Yaemon family in 1871. Inside the old wooden storehouse, rows of towering 100-year-old wooden casks, held together with huge hoops of braided bamboo, are filled to capacity with 30,000 pounds of thick, rich tamari. Although the Yaemon family has bought some new equipment for washing, cooking, and mixing, fourth-generation president Yoshio Yaemon still uses the traditional recipe and techniques of his forefathers. In the fall, when natural conditions are ideal for making koji, the Yaemons begin each day by soaking one thousand pounds of choice organic soybeans in well water. The dried koji is mixed with a brine solution (sea salt and water) and placed in ten-foot-tall cedar vats to ferment.
During the long aging process, enzymes from the Aspergillus culture in the koji and naturally occurring yeasts and bacteria, which inhabit Yaemon's old storage building, slowly break down the moromi. Mitoku Brown Rice Sesame Crackers are light and crispy made with the freshest whole sesame seeds & steamed brown rice. Ingredients: Brown rice, black sesame seeds, tamari (whole soybeans, water, sea salt), brown rice malt (brown rice, sprouted barley, water). Mitoku has long been involved in the organic foods movement, and in more recent years, has become involved in opposing the proliferation of genetically engineered foods.

Located on the Chita peninsula in the Aichi prefecture, the Yaemon shop is a virtual tamari and soy miso museum. The air is filled with the heady aroma of fermenting soy sauce, and, if you listen carefully, you can hear the sound of bubbling brew, particularly on hot summer nights. Mansan Tamari, made by the Oguri family, Mitoku's producer of tamari in the past, decided to close their shop because no one in the family was available to continue the tradition. Whole natural ingredients, hand-made soybean koji, a high ratio of soybeans to water, and long, natural aging in wood are still his company's proud hallmarks. This fermenting mash, called moromi, is actually a thick paste that, like miso, is pressed with 1,000 pounds of river stones.
The complex carbohydrates, proteins, and oils of the soybeans are transformed into sweet sugars, aromatic alcohol, and flavorful amino and fatty acids. Use a pinch on your toothbrush regularly to keep your mouth feeling super clean and fresh, while reducing tarter build-up. Baked the old fashioned way in small batches, the Japanese are famous for their delicious crackers whose distinctive taste is due to unique seasonings such as natural soy sauce and traditional rice malt. Oven baked to perfection, then seasoned with the finest natural tamari and authentic brown rice malt, they contain no leavening, no preservatives, and no wheat flour of any kind.

We are committed to upholding the highest standards of quality, even in the face of increasingly severe sales competition from products made by quicker, cheaper, mass production methods. Yaemon, who is a distant relation to Oguri and uses the same ancient traditional process, has agreed to take over for Oguri and become Mitoku's main supplier. The mature fermented moromi is then placed in cotton sacks and pressed under great force to extract its dark liquid, a mixture of tamari and crude soy oil. After 32 years, Mitoku remains strongly dedicated to the goal of supplying the best quality foods for individual and environmental health. These balls are dusted with a mixture of Aspergillus spores and roasted barley flour and then placed in a special room to incubate for about 3 days.
According to Yoshio Yaemon , this process is responsible for Yaemon tamari's extra thick, rich quality and concentrated flavor.

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