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When you create an account we can store payment and shipping information for quick future access. Grow healthy and fresh produce with the Miracle - Gro Nature's Care Organic & Natural Plant Food. Natural enzymes enhanced by special ingredients remove tough cat stains and urine odor on all water safe surfaces. Nature's Miracle® Just for Cats tm Stain & Odor Remover is the best known enzymatic cat stain and odor remover on the market. Safely and effectively removes the source of skunk odors from pets, people, clothing and other surfaces. Pre-moistened wipes contain an all-natural solution for quick cleaning and freshening in-between baths.
Instantly breaks down and neutralizes pet allergens and the strongest pet odors from the air, fabric and hard surfaces. Maximum odor control formula with Nature's Miracle deodorizing, triple-action enzyme system.
Safely penetrates to remove new and existing pet stains and odors from a variety of hard surface flooring.
This advanced formulation permanently eliminates all stains and odors, preventing your pet from revisiting the same spot twice.
Advanced dual action Orange-Oxy Power Stain & Odor Remover is a fast-acting, super oxygenated cleaning formula with the power of natural orange.

I sure did, because most products that are made specifically for African-Americans are NOT featured in predominantly white magazines.
I just want to say this i have a sister whose been using the products and her hair is to her shoulders after 6 months when before all the back was shaved completley off!!!
It helps in growing high-quality fruits and vegetables and gives great results when fed every two weeks. Effectively kills bacteria, viruses and fungi including canine parvovirus, canine distemper virus, feline leukemia virus, bordetella bronchiseptical (kennel cough) and trichophyton mentagrophytes (ringworm). The lift action formula instantly activates to permanently remove the toughest stains and odors including. I am not going to lie my haire is kind of damged,which my haire feels very dry and courses breakege.
Nature's Miracle removes all organic stains and odors, including foods, blood, vomit, feces, grease, dirt, grass, smoke, and perspiration.
I do my own relaxers at home because there is no difference from when I go to the hair salon-it looks exactly the same-people ask me all the time "What shop do you go to?" or "Who does your hair?".
Miracle's on the packaging, so again these are NOT my products and I have nothing to do with the way they are made or anything. Im not sure if its because the products are getting rid of the old damaged hair or if its just making my hair come out.Did anyone else experience this??
For use on carpets, floors, furniture, clothing, cages, litter boxes, and all pet living and sleeping areas.

Miracle's "Feel It" relaxer because they have been featured in a few mags like Allure and InStyle.
I figured it had to be a good product since it was featured in predominantly white magazines.
I used the relaxer pictured above last night and now I understand why it's called the "Feel It" formula. All of their products are supposed to leave your scalp and hair feeling this way, so here are a few other products by Dr. Because of poor air circulation, carpets and upholstery may take up to 2 weeks to dry completely, during which time you may still smell an odor.
If, after 2 weeks, there is still an odor, this means the product did not reach the odor causing material i.e. If stain is not completely removed, repeat and allow to work for one hour or more and wipe stain with cloth.
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