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It won't happen overnight, but as the planet's climate changes, the growth cycles of staple crops will all by heavily affected such that even a minor worldwide increase could wreak havoc on your ability to get fries with that.
It may seem like French fries are grown by pimply teenagers, but the potato actually needs a great deal of beauty rest to develop properly.
Temperature and elevation are two primary concerns in coffee growth, and farmers are stuck between a rock and a hard place.
Classes at the SOGA (Student Organic Gardening Association) garden can now also be taken for credit towards the food systems minor.
Beginning this fall, UC Berkeley students interested in studying how the food system works can now obtain a minor in it.
Kate Kaplan, a recent graduate and former manager of the SOGA garden, was one of two student representatives on the committee that formed the Food Systems minor.
According to research done by De Master and others, around 40 majors and minors in food systems exist at various universities around the country. While Cal students initially began asking for a program like this about six years ago, it was shelved for several years. Kate Kaplan, a recent graduate, along with Jeff Noven, served as student representatives on the founding committee this past year. Kaplan majored in society and environment with a minor in conservation and resource studies.
While the minor’s departmental home is within ESPM, or Environmental Science, Policy and Management, many other departments are contributing to it, De Master said.
De Master added that there are some 70 to 80 faculty members — many of them also involved with the Berkeley Food Institute — whose classes could be considered part of the minor. An important component to the minor will be a requirement that students get some hands-on experience by working with a local partner organization that’s doing work to change the food system. While De Master couldn’t predict how many students will immediately declare the minor, she said there had been a lot of enthusiasm for it thus far. Students who take an organic gardening class at what’s called the Mulford plot can now get credit toward the food systems minor.
They could have as many as 50 students already, she estimated, and “I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we had 100 to 200 students within a few years,” she said.
When asked which majors would be a good fit with the new minor, De Master said there is a wide range. While “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” author Michael Pollan’s presence in the journalism department at Cal has no doubt had an effect on students wanting to further study this issue, De Master said he is not on the food systems minor committee.
While Kaplan has graduated, she said she hopes to have a hand in choosing the next student representatives to the minor, and given that she’s staying in the area, will want to know how things are progressing.
Bay Area Bites (BAB), KQED’s public media food blog, shares visually compelling food-related stories, news, recipes and reviews from the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.
Connect with NOSH on Facebook, follow NOSH on Twitter, and subscribe to the free NOSH Weekly email which positively bursts with mouth-watering East Bay food news. Through its subsidiary, Minor Food Group Pcl., MINT has one of the largest quick service restaurant operations in Asia, with over 1,800 restaurant outlets in Thailand, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.
The Pizza CompanyWhen it opened in 2001, The Pizza Company was quickly recognized as a one of the pioneers in the Asian food service industry.
From a single store, which opened in November 1989 at Brisbane's Eagle Street Pier, to more than 400 outlets across Australia, New Zealand, Maldives, China, Egypt, Thailand, New Caledonia, Malaysia, Indonesia and United Arab Emirates, The Coffee Club has established itself as an iconic household name and preferred venue for millions of coffee drinkers throughout the Asia Pacific region. Ribs & Rumps in Australia  fills a particular segment in the steakhouse market, offering contemporary casual steakhouse dining with premium quality ingredients at affordable prices.
Established in 2002 in Singapore, ThaiExpress is one of the world’s largest modern Thai restaurant chains.

Riverside Established in 2005, Beijing Riverside & Courtyard (“Riverside”) is a distinctive chain of casual-concept restaurants in China, specializing in Sichuan barbecue fish. BreadTalk BreadTalk has brought about a renaissance in the bread business, with multiple awards testifying to its branding and business successes. Swensen's In 1986, the Minor Food Group took on the franchise for Swensen’s, the beloved ice cream parlor established in San Francisco in 1948, and developed it into Thailand’s largest premium ice cream brand. Sizzler First opened in Thailand in 1992, Sizzler offers a self-service salad bar that few can copy, and a wide range of grilled dishes including steak, seafood, chicken, ribs, combination meals and burgers. Burger King The Minor Food Group is the Thai franchisee of global burger brand Burger King. SSP The Minor Food Group has a joint venture with SSP International, the Food Travel Experts with over 60 years of experience, to operate restaurants in airports in Thailand under the Minor Food Group, as well as various other external brands. To ensure the availability and reliability of its key raw materials, the Minor Food Group has two manufacturing plants which produce high quality, specialized cheeses and ice cream for Thai and international markets. Minor Dairy LimitedMDL produces a variety of premium ice cream products and toppings for food brands under the Minor Food Group such as Swensen's, Dairy Queen and Burger King, as well as supplying the same quality ingredients to leading customers outside the group. Minor Cheese LimitedMCL produces a wide range of cheeses and cheese blends including mozzarella, cheddar, string cheese, Parmesan, mascarpone, cream cheese and sour cream. Move over hot dogs, burgers and fries — the ballpark meal of choice in 2014 is more exotic. And if you believe in eating fries with your burger, you should worry more about carbon emissions.
If you shorten the cold period, you'll have more issues with tree crops like apples or cherries," Nelson says.
She designed it on her own, which many students do when there isn’t a program tailored to their exact interests, she said.
De Master didn’t want to name any in particular because they are still being vetted, but she said they are in the process of hiring a lecturer whose responsibility will be to oversee the internship component.
While environmental science is an obvious one, some lesser ones include public policy, community development, social work, nutritional science, urban planning, sociology or business, for someone interested in going into an agricultural start-up. As the first to introduce international-style pizza to Thailand in the early 1980’s, the Minor Food Group has always been recognized as an innovator and pioneer in the Asian food services sector, with a passion for developing its restaurants into market leaders.
It introduced a fresh and innovative approach to pizza by offering customers over 20 different delicious toppings that are richer and zestier than the competitor’s, together with a selection of great-tasting cheese blends and inviting appetizers to enhance the total pizza experience.
The idea was to create more than just a place where people could meet for coffee; it aimed to provide a relaxed meeting place that is casual but sophisticated, stylish yet affordable. At present, Ribs and Rumps owns and operates nine restaurants across Australia and five franchised outlets in Australia and UAE.
The concept is inspired by the needs of customers who want to enjoy authentic Thai cuisine at reasonable prices in a relaxed yet contemporary environment with no strict rules on decorum.
It has built up strong brand equity and customer loyalty for traditional sizzling fish dishes, combining countryside cooking with well-groomed service and contemporary decoration. Each BreadTalk bears the urban, clear glass, clean cut look punctuated subtly with detailing of contrasting colours of artworks, unique to each locale.
Under Minor Food Group’s direction, the Swensen’s brand has evolved from simple scoops to a variety of sundaes, and today it provides consumers all over Asia with an ice cream experience no other brand can provide.
Dairy Queen is famous for their soft-serve ice cream distributed through kiosks in shopping malls and modern trade outlets throughout Thailand. In addition to Thailand, the Minor Food Group has a 50:50 joint venture with Sizzler’s parent company to license the concept on a long-term basis in China.
Minor Dairy Limited and Minor Cheese Limited were founded in 1991 with manufacturing facilities in Nakornratchasima province.

MCL is not only a key supplier to various restaurant operations of its parent, the Minor Food Group, but is also a major supplier to companies in the Thai and regional food services sector.
Crab-based, like the BlueClaws themselves, the sandwich was designed by mascot Buster during an off-season cooking session. Fans spent two weeks voting on some of the most unusual and iconic concessions items in the Minors, and it was Lakewood's Triple C crab cake sandwich that edged Round Rock's Grilled Cheese Hot Dog for the crown. Find a few ways to validate eating unhealthy foods by pairing them not with wine varietals, but with intense sports events. We're after a Commercial Manager and Commercial Executive to join our awesome Sydney-based team working across our websites Lost At E Minor, Techly, and The Roar.
Nelson, Professor Emeritus at University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) with a background in climate change and agriculture.
One area that he cites specifically is the Himalayan foothills in India, so the sequel to the Irish Potato Famine might just star the kid from Slumdog Millionaire.
The quantity will suffer as a result, but a Japanese study has shown that the quality has slowly been deteriorating, such that apples over the past 40 years have grown substantially softer and sweeter, unlike just about everything else in our culture. From the first day that it opened, The Pizza Company has been the market leader in the dine-in, delivery and take-away businesses, with its delicious food and attentive service consistently being recognized by diners as the very best in the market.
With over 6,000 employees serving more than 40 million cups of coffees annually, The Coffee Club is Australia's largest home-grown café group, and is widely known for its good food, great service, and excellent coffee. At present, the Minor Food Group holds 100% stake in Thai Express, which has since expanded to five other countries in Asia.
The Minor Food Group acquired the master franchise rights to 32 countries across the Middle East and Asia, with the first launch of the international franchise in 2004.
While seasoned-crab fries are also available in the concession stands, this sandwich is the only way to dine on a crab in FirstEnergy Park and has been delighting fans this summer at the Jersey Shore! Here are some of the crops that might not beat the heat, and what their loss will mean to your diet. Not one to rest on its laurels, The Pizza Company has continued its commitment to customer satisfaction by introducing new innovations, and in 2004 began to expand its franchise internationally.
In addition to its leading ThaiExpress brand, ThaiExpress also operates Hong Kong concept restaurant Xin Wang Hong Kong Café, French concept restaurant Poulet, and other brands. Instead, you have to sell tickets with gimmicks, weird promo nights and crazy food creations.Minor League Baseball, in its current Food Fight contest, has narrowed down 64 crazy culinary treats you can get at its stadiums around the country. There are four categories — gut busters, hogs 'n' dogs, local legends and scrumptious sandwiches. You can head to their site to vote for the ones that look most appetizing.Here at The Stew, we're going to forego all the categories and just show you 10 that we think are the craziest — we're talking weird, wacky, over-the-top. It's up to you whether you actually want to track these down and eat them, or just stare at the pictures and drool.
There's another layer of turkey and ham, with honey mustard and a speared pickle to finish it off. BBQ meatballs, pickles and cherry peppers adorn the skewers that hold the sandwich together.

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