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The country does not deserve another contested election that leads to one of the biggest parties taking to the streets. The proposed revision of the gas allocation formula would benefit Punjab more than the other provinces. If the Saudi outreach is designed to cement an anti-Iran alliance, it will only further destabilise a region on edge. Shri Somnath Poudyal, Hon’ble Minister for Food Security and Agriculture Development Department, Government of Sikkim called on Hon’ble Governor of Sikkim Shri Shriniwas Patil at Raj Bhavan on 12th June 2014. The Hon’ble Minister greeted the Hon’ble Governor and also offered a few varieties of organically grown vegetables.
Interacting with the Hon’ble Minister, Hon’ble Governor expressed his happiness over the mention of Sikkim’s Organic Mission’s success in the Address of Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi in the Lok Sabha on 11th June 2014 and congratulated the Hon’ble Minister and the department and on the achievement. It may be mentioned that Hon’ble Prime Minister, in his address in the Lok Sabha on 11th June 2014, had lauded the effort and success of the State of Sikkim in launching the Organic Mission in 2003 to transform the State into a 100% Organic State by the year 2015.
Interacting with the Minister, Hon’ble Governor stressed on the need to utilize the opportunity to take maximum leverage from the goodwill of Prime Minister and his new government towards Organic Mission. Dwelling on the commercial aspects of the Organic Mission, Hon’ble Governor urged the department to introduce soil profiling system to choose soil specific crops in each farm area for higher yield.
On the subject of infrastructure and marketing of organic produce of the State, the Hon’ble Governor urged the department to come out with the accurate data of the domestic consumption and volume of yield of organic produce to be marketed outside the State.
Hon’ble Governor assured full cooperation in the efforts of the government towards improvement of infrastructure, transportation and marketing of the organic produce of the State towards realization of the goal of becoming first Organic State in the country in the near future.

In the telephonic conversation with the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Hon’ble Governor also mentioned about another goal envisaged by the new government led by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India for providing Pucca House with basic amenities to each and every household of the country by the year 2019, commemorating the 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Gulfood 2014 will host the inaugural World Food Security Summit under its 'Gulfood Leaders' programme, which will feature a keynote address on the state of food security in the region.
Organised with the official support of the Ministry of Water and Environment, the summit will be opened by His Excellency Dr. Imports in the GCC accounts for between 80-90% of its food consumption, and to address food security, sustainability and safety, over 300 stakeholders including government ministers, high ranking officials and key decision-makers in the food and agriculture sectors will gather at the summit to discuss these issues. Key topics include food security in the Arab world, innovation and responsible investment in agriculture, poor nutrition and waste reduction. The State Minister for Agriculture in Eastern Equatoria State Mark Akio Ukinbul has this morning left for Juba to join a national delegation headed to China to attend a key ministerial seminar on food security for developing countries. COURTESY CALL ON MINISTER FOR NATIONAL FOOD SECURITY AND RESEARCHThe High Commissioner of Malaysia to Pakistan, H.E. Hon’ble Governor also conveyed his congratulatory message to Hon’ble Chief Minister in a telephonic conversation, for his consistent effort and commitment towards this front. He was thanking the President for his address to the Joint Session of Parliament in Central Hall. He urged the Hon’ble Minister to use the recognition provided by the Hon’ble Prime Minister and promote the organic produce of the State aggressively in the national and global market.
The produce being the perishable item, need proper cold storage facilities, transportation and easy market, for which the department should extensively correspond and collaborate with Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, he suggested .

With the WFSS’ commitment, industry players can potentially transform the future of the regional food industry. Bhutia, Principal Director, Food Security and Agricultural Development Department on the occasion. Hon’ble Governor suggested that the policy of the our new government in the State,which will be outlined in the coming Assembly Session should be directed towards ensuring motivation and greater participation of the people of Sikkim in transforming the State into a 100% Organic State in shortest possible time.
There is a need to promote the mission in the print and electronic media across the country and an appropriate strategy for the same be formulated by the government, the Governor stressed. During the conversation, Hon’ble Governor conveyed that since Sikkim has already launched the Kutcha House Free Sikkim Mission to ensure pucca house for each household in the state by the year 2015 which is already nearing its completion, Sikkim could achieve the distinction of first state to achieve the goal by the end of the year 2014.
It will be yet another remarkable achievement of the State and an exemplary feat for other states to emulate, the Governor mentioned in his conversation with the Hon’ble Chief Minister.
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Koskei, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of State for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Kenya.

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