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Going somewhere and wish you could take all of a city’s Eat Your World info with you? Apart from the unique complexion of the people, and the variety of the culture, Ethiopia has a tasty and distinctive cuisine. Where: One of the most popular, across-the-board-recommended Middle Eastern restaurants in Detroit is the spacious, diner-like Al-Ameer (two locations including the original, 12710 W.

Warren Ave., map), specializing in made-from-scratch (and inexpensive!) Lebanese food since 1989. This is a very generous serving of very tasty food—we went home with a lot of leftovers.
In the same area is Middle Eastern patisserie Shatila (multiple locations including 14300 W. Today Dearborn is not only home to North America’s largest mosque, but also countless Middle Eastern groceries, bakeries, and restaurants.

Warren Ave., map), a must for homemade desserts like ashta or pistachio ice cream and countless exotic pastries. A bit further west in Garden City, you can’t go wrong with Al-Sultan restaurant (415 N.

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