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I often sing the praises of St Albans - it's a nice place, alright - but actually, a lot of the nearby towns are pretty lovely too. The Vine Leaves serves a carefully selected menu of Middle Eastern food, and was set up by Firas, the former head chef of Harvey Nichols Fifth Floor, so I was pretty excited about trying it out.
To start, we had the sharing mezza, which included hummus, mutabal (smoked aubergine dip), falafel, olives and pickles which we had along with toasted flat bread and halloumi. For my main, I had Chicken Taooq - tabbouleh, hummus, pomegranate molasses and sumac salad on flatbread, and Matt had Jerusalem style sea bass and saffron urzo, along with labna and vine roasted tomatoes. Matt was a big fan of his fish, too - apparently it was a really great fillet, super tender and tasty, and the saffron orzo was really good (I nabbed a bit of that). We had our mains with tomato and onion salad, one of my favourite things ever that I order whenever I see it on a menu. Come with your family and friends and enjoy the beautiful weather and amazing food and entertainment. Find whatever you're craving, see what's good at any restaurant and learn what foodspotters, friends and experts love wherever you go. Barcelona Cafe – the Spanish Tapas Restaurant in St Kilda, at the sea-end of Fiztroy Street.
The food is always good at these summer markets.  The variety includes Vegi Burgers, an Argentinean barbecue and Middle Eastern Cuisine.
This is a great market and St Kilda at night does swing with all the summer visitors.  If you haven’t been to the market get there before the end of the month.
Art, CBD, Federation Square, Melbourne, NGV, Tram 16, Tram 72, Tram Route 1, Tram Route 109, Tram Route 3, Tram Route 67, Tram Route 72 National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) Free exhibitions. Art, Birds, Melbourne, Prahran, Sandringham Train Line, Tram Route 78, Windsor Chapel Street Windsor says farewell to Tarlo and Graham. Yes, as of 5 July 2016, Lola and George are still happily serving customers at Russell's Corner Shop. Hi I have food kebabs caravan I am interesting come st kilda beach market my number is 0433479532 How do I apply thankyou. While I was admiring what would turn out to be one of my new favorite homey pastries, the amazingly friendly counter guy broke my reverie by saying, a€?Go ahead, have one, ita€™s delicious.a€? As you already know, he was right. After I placed my actual order that night, my new pal pointed at the various chambers of a styrofoam container and said, a€?Ia€™m gonna put your salad here, your meat here, and Ia€™m gonna put a little something extra for you right there.a€? Frankly, I dona€™t care if this lagniappe policy was only a limited-time ploy to hook in a new customer, because the food Ia€™ve recently enjoyed at the newish Grill House is enough to do the trick alone. Taking over the ex-Beyrouth space, the to-go oriented Grill House is a simple but very clean room with a few tables, a TV and several bar stools looking onto High Street windows.

For instance, that aforementioned salad (with romaine, scallion, parsley and a lot of big cucumber chunks) was a delightfully rustic and assertive-with-red-wine-vinegar Fattoush ($7), whose extra-crispy pita chips and touches of sumac and mint overrode its pale fresh tomatoes. The huge Mixed Grill Kebab Combination ($20; can feed two) corralled that same allspice-scented shawarma with moist, loose and excellent saffron rice plus other meats bearing a smoky char, like tender, juicy and lemony chicken breast knobs, lean and mean lamb hunks and top-notch, onion-and-parsley-powered kefta logs. Harpenden is one such town, just one stop further along on the train line, but full of lovely restaurants and pubs (not much else though - I worked there for a few months last year, and my lunch breaks were extremely dull).
When I headed down there with Matt a couple of weeks ago, I must confess we were both feeling a bit delicate after a big night out, so I was feeling extra discerning.
The falafel was one of the best I've ever had - warm, crunchy and packed full of spices I couldn't quite place. But we were so intrigued by the tahini candy floss that came with the flourless chocolate, almond and hazelnut cake (and I can never ignore salted caramel sauce) that we ordered it to share. Their menu is quite small - there are only four mains, plus three variations of their sharing tagine - but I'm a big fan of that, as I think a lot of menus can be too comprehensive and a bit overwhelming for visitors.
He was also one of the most hospitable people Ia€™ve encountered in a restaurant in a while.
Initially, this not-always-quick and often-out-of-menu-items place seems a little hard to figure out because its menu is loaded with deli-style stuff (Ia€™ve yet to try).
The meat ($4 extra) was earthy dark curls of aromatically spice-leavened and delicious shawarma. Ita€™s a pistachio-dusted, dense, moist and sophisticatedly just-sweet semolina and coconut cake redolent of citrus and vanilla thata€™s called harissa here.
Much like St Albans, lots of new independent places have been springing up, and I was invited to review one of them recently, The Vine Leaves.
But actually, I'm so glad we went there for dinner rather than opting for takeaway pizza on the couch - the food was fresh, healthy and full of flavour. I could have happily licked the plate of mutabal clean (but Matt told me not to), and the halloumi was incredible - not overly salty like it can often be, and with an amazing crunch. I think it had been marinated in spices and then tossed in them before serving, as it was coated in a yummy combination of spices. I'd rather a restaurant focused on doing a few dishes really well than try to do dozens of dishes half-heartedly, and that's exactly what Firas and his team do.
Oh, and the same a€?extraa€? I got with my fattoush: a tart, tangy and addictive red cabbage salad. If you already know something like it called namoura elsewhere, believe me, you need to get to know this one too.

For more information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy, About Our Ads and Terms of Service. Everything is locally sourced, and Firas came out and talked to us about where he gets everything. I loved the different flavours on offer, with the fresh tabbouleh, spicy chicken and creamy hummus, all topped with a scattering of pomegranate seeds. The kale in the Tuscan Kale Salad tasted as if it had been marinating in dishwater all day, the White Shrimp with its avocado and citrus squarely plopped me in a chair across the table from my grandparents at their country club in 1987 and the Hot Flashed Squid blew serious chunks.
The service was excellent too, even on a busy Saturday night, and we both agreed that it's somewhere we'd love to return to.
I liked the idea of serving it on a flatbread, but it wasn't necessary - the meal was more than filling enough without it, and I wanted to save room for dessert, anyway. Everything on the plate went together really well, and despite our full bellies, we soon scraped it clean. And THEN I was woken by the sound and sensation of water dripping on my pounding fucking head. Kids to school in the driving rain, dogs walked, in the shower, dressed, out the door….appointment cancelled.
Terrible, but perfect diner food for right now, but then I remember a surprise meal I had years ago and loved. Score!I settled in at a table looking up onto the street and ordered a big fat fresh squeezed orange juice and the previously mentioned breakfast with two eggs, poached. I have to admit that I usually go for grease in situations like this, but los dos huevos with the hummus, tabouli, salad and zahatar pita was going to be my smack on this particular morning. I’m pretty sure that it was the perfectly fluffy and herbed pita that tied everything together, but the gooey yolk from the eggs and the sweet little oasis of olive oil and paprika in the hummus didn’t hurt either. Round those elements out with a bit of green and some zippy sliced grape tomatoes and I had myself a full belly and happy head.
I’m not giving you a scoop or anything here because Cafe Mogador will be celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, but please let this serve as a reminder that it is in fact possible to cure a mean-ass hangover with something at least sorta-kinda healthy.

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