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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. KARLACTI, Middle Eastern food specialty cheeses dairy company, supplies all natural Middle Eastern food, handmade Mediterranean cheeses, fresh cheeses, Mediterranean foods, Middle Eastern cheeses, Armenian cheeses and authentic artisan all natural Middle Eastern food: Akkawi , Ackawi, grilling cheese, frying cheese, Nabulsi, Syrian cheese, angel hair, Mshallaleh fine braided string cheeses, Majdouleh braided string cheeses, fresh farmer's basket cheese, Panela, sweet cheese, mozzarella curd, Chicago cheese, Touma, yogurt drink and variety of Middle Eastern, Armenian, Mediterranean cheeses and dairy foods. A great sounding one-dish meal complete with great spices, chickpeas, raisins and couscous.

The flavors are wonderful and it's so easy.I love North African and Middle East dish's with the rich spicing and warm comfort that they offer.
I also granished with fresh coriander rather than parsley (because I reckon it's more middle-eastern than parsley).

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