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New York – A large melting pot of immigrants, its Middle Eastern population almost doubles the next closest city. Chicago – Located conveniently in the Loop, Taza is a local favorite that serves a quick and inexpensive meal.  When was the last time you had a $6 lunch that was worth $10? Houston – Located in Westchase, Kasra Persian Grill has been a secret stop for many locals.  If you love Kubideh, they make one of the tastiest and juiciest you’ll every have. Philadelphia –  Just a stone throw from historic Carpenter’s Hall, Zahav has been serving top notch Israeli meals since 2008.  Our tip to you, get a reservation! Phoenix – A favorite among Arizona State students, Haji-Baba serves a no frills meal.  If you are inspired by their food, shop at the attached market to for all your Middle Eastern groceries. San Diego – Staying in Downtown San Diego?  Head over to Darband Fifth Avenue Grill.  For a light and tasty meal, order the Eggplant Stew (Khoresh Bademjan). Culturally rich Middle East has a wide range of food items as part of its traditional cuisine. Wine is consumed to a lesser extent as their religion prohibits consumption of alcohol in any form. Beans and pulses are very important part of Mediterranean diet and boiled fava beans are eaten as street food anytime during the day. All the food that we have mentioned above are nutritionally rich laced with all essential nutrient to keep our body strong and healthy.
What is the most amazing fact about Middle Eastern cuisine is that it is not prepared in fat rich butter or lard.
Mediterranean cuisine gained popularity in the 90s and people across the world discovered the innate goodness of this cuisine. Some of the commonly used ingredients that are regularly used in Middle Eastern cuisine are full with health benefits. This ingredient is an excellent source of healthy nutrients such as folate, tryptophan, manganese, phosphorous, and copper. Eggplant is one of the most common vegetables that feature in any Middle Eastern cuisine and eggplants are rich in antioxidants such as Nasunin and antimicrobial component called chlorogenic acid. Liberal use of turmeric, cumin, fenugreek, and sesame seeds is because of the invaders who brought with them spices and flavors of the cuisines from the east. Curcumin is not only beneficial in improving the immune system, but it is also known to have cancer fighting properties.
Cumin is used in grounded as well as granular form and is rich in iron, and helps in nutrient assimilation apart from improving secretion of pancreatic enzymes needed for proper digestion. Use of dairy products such as curds also makes this Middle Eastern Food quite a healthy one. Several clinical research have found that Middle Eastern cuisine is very good for the heart and circulatory system; the benefits consist of reduced risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and degenerative diseases like Alzheimer.
Middle Eastern cuisine is rich because of the wide range of green leafy vegetables made with aromatic spices that are part of their daily diet.
They have a distinction of making kebabs, a form of grilled meat balls stacked to a skewer, cooked on earthen oven on slow fire, and hence it retains much of its nutritional value and flavor. Kebabs are a real delicacy and they are full of aromatic spices, curd, and minimal amount of oil. However, use of clarified butter, also called ghee, is often witnessed during festive seasons, when tradition recipes are prepared in a grand manner. Desserts are prepared using lots of nuts, dry fruits and jaggery (unrefined sugar made from sugarcane and date palm) making them rich in fiber and micronutrients. Genial service, an airy atmosphere beckons fans to Maha's Cafe, a casual Middle Eastern spot next to MetroHealth Medical Center on West 25th Street in Cleveland. Lisa DeJong, The Plain DealerAt Maha's Cafe, falafel is the signature dish, a Middle Eastern classic that made the restaurant's sister stand at West Side Market a mealtime destination.
For years, the much-beloved Nate's Deli, a few steps from the West Side Market, has been the dining destination for food-savvy lovers of baba ghannouj and shish tawook -- and there's no denying the continuing delectability of Nate's fare.

Maha's Cafe, located a mile or so south of the Market Square food grid, is the new kid on West 25th.
The simplicity of the space contrasts with the antiquity and complexity of the flavors here.
Salads are a good starting point, and they're treated like guests of honor rather than runners-up. Maha Zayed, the restaurant's namesake, does the cooking here, "as though I were at home, making food for my husband and our children." One day I watched her hand-shape dozens of the large torpedo-shaped cones from a mixture of cracked wheat, hollowing to make room for the savory stuffing of ground beef, pine nuts, chopped onion and seasonings before sealing each cone. The real headliner is Maha's luscious falafel, a vegetarian classic made from ground chickpeas cunningly seasoned with the chef's blend of spices, deep-fried and tucked into pita. Kids: Not a kids destination, per se, but if the kids are adventurous there's plenty to choose from. Welcome to the 2016 A-List Dining Guide, our comprehensive list of 100 of Northeast Ohio's finest dining destinations.
We have been to Chiang Mai twice and this time, we got my mom fall in love with this place! There are some certain places we went to for the second time or even multiple times but still would definitely go back if we are in Chiang Mai again in the future.
Right before our previous trip to Chiang Mai, I actually made an appointment in Shanghai to clean my teeth after the trip.
The dental clinic I went to is called Big Smile Dental Clinic, which is located in the old city of Chiang Mai. Inside the clinic – coffee and tea are available at the waiting area, plus they have free wifi too. Except for being a perfect place to buy souvenirs, cheap clothes, shoes, and Thailand local handicrafts and much much more stuff than you can think of, Night Bazaar also covers a couple of good restaurants. The restaurants we would like to recommend are the middle eastern restaurant called Al Hussain on the right where the scooter is in above picture and the two Thai restaurants next to it.
Unlike the Night Bazaar which is a touristy night market but still can not miss, Warorot market opens early in the morning and locals shop there. Mom bought lots of ingredients and took them back to Shanghai after learning cooking Thai food in a cooking school. I have this thing about considering a place as good or bad by investigating the quality and design of their bathroom.
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Part of it is due to its unique blend of spices, not overly powerful, yet very flavorful.  Another part is due to the growing trend of health conscious individuals. Although it’s not your typical restaurant, one of the most famous food carts in NY, 53rd & 6th Halal cart is a must have if you’re in Manhattan.
Middle East is a cross road between Asia, Africa, and Europe spreading from across vast desert and Mediterranean Coast.
Lamb is the main source of meat in this region and poultry birds are also consumed regularly as part of starters or snacks. Lebanon is the only country in this region that produces wine and people in this country are not prohibited from consuming alcohol. Middle Eastern cuisine is both simple and complex; the fact that it incorporates cereals and pulses along with fresh vegetables, herbs and spice makes this cuisine a real healthy one.
Rather they use olive oil in small quantities and many of their foods are grilled or simply baked making it heart friendly. If you track the history of this region which is often described as volatile and violent due to regular invasion by Arab fighters and Mongol invaders, these warriors also brought with them some of the most amazing flavors from Far East countries like India and Afghanistan. These beans have a shuttle nutty flavor and they are a rich source of protein, used in preparation of hummus, a delicacy of this region.

It is also rich in fiber and is known to help lower cholesterol and fight cardiovascular diseases. Nausin helps in fighting free radicals that are largely responsible for oxidative degeneration of cells, the building blocks of human body. Turmeric is known to have antiseptic properties and when consumed in little quantities regularly can help you in improving your digestion. Curd is a rich source of calcium and Vitamin C, it is also known to have healthy microorganism that helps in improving immunity and digestion. Lamb and mutton is ideally served with bread called Pita breads made from whole wheat or long grain rice rich in carbohydrate and starch. As we have already said that minimal use of butter in Middle Eastern recipes have made this food popular in comparison to foods that are cooked primarily in large quantities of oil using methods like deep and shallow frying.
With the world opening up for the exotic flavors and taste from this region, it is just a matter of time when people start appreciating the real health benefits of Middle Eastern recipes.
Situated next door to the campus of MetroHealth Medical Center, the year-old restaurant offers familiar fare in a welcoming, breezy environment.
This year’s guide highlights several restaurants new to the Greater Cleveland dining scene. She did her math and started thinking to take her best friend and stay in Chiang Mai for 2 months each year in order to escape from Shanghai’s freezing cold and wet winter, especially because one-time Thailand visa for Chinese is valid for 60 days. However, we had some extra time, plus we had heard so much good things about dental care in Thailand, so I decided to try it out and clean my teeth in Chiang Mai instead. At night, the entire place in front of the restaurants is fulfilled with street vendors and transformed into part of the night market.
In this market, you can find a huge variety of dried food, cooking ingredients, dried fruit, fresh fruit, flowers, clothes and so on.
We walked through this road so many times day and night because it leads to the night market and our hotel Mandala House back at our first trip in Chiang Mai was very very close to Loi Kroh road. I have to say that Chez Marco’s bathroom is by far the most impressive one that I have seen in Thailand. Paper Piper is a unique boutique store which only sells products made from paper including umbrellas, lanterns, flowers, bookmarks, cards, stationery, notebooks, photo frames and lots of decorations. The owner of the store has a great taste of classical music.
Be prepared to be surprised at plenty of little small details about this city and fall in love with it!
Burghul is typically prepared like flavored rice using spices and herbs; this dish is taken with vegetables and pulses that are integral part of this cuisine.
Tahini, which is made from Sesame paste, is part of various preparations such as eggplant dip called Baba Ghannouj, halvah, and salad dressing. This ingredient is often called nutritional powerhouse by various nutritionists because of the presence of curcumin that makes this spice appear bright yellow in color. All rights reserved (About Us).The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Northeast Ohio Media Group LLC. In Shanghai, cleaning ONLY in a local hospital would cost me RMB300.00 which approximately equals to 1500 baht.
Not that we are very into night life but we did discover a couple of cool spots on this famous road.
With the elegant background of music, seeing these cool paper made beautiful stuff was such a joyful experience. The first thing to do when we came back to Shanghai from our previous Chiang Mai trip was to cancel my dental appointment with the local Shanghai hospital. In fact, it had become our main stop every day ever since then for the rest of our Chiang Mai trip!

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