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The festival at Saint George Melkite Greek-Catholic Church on 16th Avenue South started Thursday and runs through Saturday. Siham Shunnarah sprinkles sugar over the pastries at a previous Saint George Middle Eastern Food Festival.
Originally, the festival was an international event that also included Greek and Italian cuisine, but it soon evolved into a Middle Eastern festival that celebrates the parishioners' Lebanese and Palestinian heritage, Thomas says. Join the Saint George Melkite Catholic Church for the 35th Annual Middle Eastern Food Festival!
June 3, 2016 - StyleBlueprint Bring your family out to Crestwood and Avondale Park this July to relax and watch movies! June 28, 2016 - StyleBlueprint Terrific New Theatre’s 2015-2016 season has come to a close, but retiring Artistic Director Carl Stewart isn’t quite finished yet. The pies were probably the best bart—a triangle of pizza crust-like dough surrounding dense, well-seasoned spinach or ground beef mixed with onion, spices, and cream cheese.
The event runs from September 8 through September 10 and consists of  delicious and authentic homemade food, a band from New York and church tours!

His last hurrah before officially retiring at the end of July is a bonus show starring Birmingham storyteller and actress, Dolores Hydock.
A Nile plate ($16) gets you some of pretty much everything—hummus, pita, salad, grape leaves, a spinach pie, rice, and a healthy serving of kibbe.
There’s a good hundred feet of table, stacked a foot or more high with piles of Mediterranean goodies. Every culture has its version of the doughnut, and this one’s claimed by at least Egypt and Lebanon, if not other countries too.
This limited-time exhibit features 12 life-sized, North America-native animatronic dinosaurs at heights of nearly 20 feet, weighing almost 7 tons and measuring 85 feet in length! We also got a meat pie, because I’ll order pretty much anything that combines meat and dough. The festival’s version is a large oval of yeast dough, fried until puffy, then soaked in honey syrup and topped with powdered sugar. The pistachio baklava (pictured at top) was delicious, crunchy, and honey-soaked, as always.

If that needs any more description to appeal to you, you probably shouldn’t be reading my blog. The "Nile plate" features Kibbee, spinach pie, Arabic salad and rice, grape leaves and green beans.
A mamoul—a baseball-shaped shortbread filled with chopped nuts—tasted heavily of cinnamon and mahlab, a spice made from cherry pits that’s almondy and a little bit sour. So that tradition was started a long time ago." The current church was finished in 1957, but for several years after that, Saint George continued to host the monthly dinners to pay the mortgage. My favorite was the pistachio burma, a shredded-wheat cup-shaped pastry stuffed with a sweet-and-nutty filling.
One-half pound baked kibbee, three rolled grape leaves, rice, green beans, Arabic salad, bread and choice of spinach or meat pie.

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