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Melted Chihuahua-style cheese (with or without chorizo), and served with freshly homemade small tortillas and salsa.
Two flour tortillas stuffed with melted cheese and sweet corn, seasoned with jalapeA±os and herbs.
Three red corn tortillas filled with cheese, onion and jalapeA±o peppers, pan-fried, topped with sour cream, lettuce and tomato herb sauce. Two flour tortillas stuffed with melted cheese, onion, green pepper and homemade chorizo.
Flour tortilla filled with refried beans, lettuce, tomato, onions, shredded Cheese and sour cream. Skirt steak chopped, seasoned with ablend of herbes, simmered in its own juice with frijoles a la Charra, chopped onions and cilantro. Broiled skirt steak accompanied with refried beans, rice, side of guacamole and one enchilada verde.

Pieces of pork, potato, zucchini and a€?A la Charraa€? style beans, simmered in green sauce. Choice of skirt steak or chicken breast, topped with crispy onions, peppers and tomatoes.
Pieces of pork, potato and a€?A la Charraa€? style beans, simmered in Guajillo chile sauce. Three corn tortillas dipped with red sauce, pan-fried, then filled and rolled with Ground meat, chicken or cheese & diced onions and topped with melted cheese. Three corn tortillas dipped in red sauce, pan-fried, filled and rolled with diced potatoes and homemade chorizo.
Crisp tortillas, shredded Chicken and scrambled eggs, simmered in a delicious salsa verde. Egg over-easy on a fried corn tortilla, topped with Ranchero Sauce, Served with refried beans and tortillas.

Three crispy tortillas filled with seasoned potatoes.A  Topped with cheese, sour cream and tomato herb sauce. Two flatted crispy corn tortillas topped with refried beans, lettuce, cheese,A  sour cream and special tomato herb sauce. Freshly baked handcrafted gourmet pizzas, exotic toppings, monster subs, fresh salads, killer wings, decadent chocolate twisted sticks, pow pows & more! I usually get chicken fajitas (enough food for two people!) and my husband almost always gets the enchiladas.

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