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Indigenous animals to the area were hunted and used in the meat dishes, although meat was a scarcity amongst the Mexican people, who relied mainly on a non-meat diet (WordPress, 2009). After the Conquest of Mexico, the Mexican food culture became greatly influenced by trade with India and Spain. In today’s world, most of what we perceive as authentic Mexican food is actually a blend of Mexican food that has been Americanized, usually starting around the southern border of Texas and Mexico. Mexican Food History,Origins of Mexican Cuisine and the Pre Columbian History of Mexican Recipes, Cultivars & Foods. Today I was thinking "I really like Mexican food!" So i decided to see what you like!
G'day , I was talking to a Mexican in Mexico City on Saturday , and he said that they do not have Burritos in Mexico City . Mexico has long been recognised for its natural beauty and traditions that reflect centuries of history and cultural legacy. Madam Lourdes Sosa Marquez from the Embassy of Mexico sharing interesting bits about Mexico. La Pasadita Taco Shop is a family owned restaurant serving a taste of Michoacan authentic mexican food.
Our menu offers everything from tacos, burritos, enchiladas to freshly made carnitas Saturday and Sunday. Staples for the Mayans included a variety of different types of squash and sweet potatoes, local animals and insects, and any types of fruits or vegetables that were wild and could be harvested. Locally grown and plentiful, they could take the corn and produce many food staples from it. Animals such as deer, rabbits, armadillos, raccoons, turkeys, pigeons, and quails are commonly found in Mexican dishes. This method involves planting a variety of different crops in one area, and harvesting them at once.

The Conquest brought trade with other countries, which introduced Mexico to rice, olives, wines, spices from India, beef, and different kinds of fruit (MexConnect, 2007).
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To add even more accolades, in 2010, the UNESCO committee for the safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage inscribed Mexican Cuisine on the list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The staples are corn and beans but those are not the least boring when you take into consideration the many spices that goes into making of each Mexican dish. Priced at RM82++ per person for Mexican Fiesta Lunch and RM98++ per person for Mexican Fiesta Dinner, this promotion happens from the 1st to 15th April 2013. Those native to Mexico pride themselves in using natural, from the earth, local ingredients that generations before them grew up using. 16 th century Mayans ingested only 1200 calories a day, comparable to the average American today, which eats around 2700 calories.
It could be boiled and mashed and formed into tortillas or tamales, or used to produce flour for other foods such as breads (MexConnect, 2007). This allows the soil to remain nutrient rich, as each crop uses a different variety of nutrients, rather than having large areas dominated by one crop, which decimates the area of a vital nutrient. Some of the animals seen in Mexico today seem commonplace, but at that time Mexicans had never seen them. Looking at the cuisine and food culture of Mexico, it is obvious that the people who inhabit it are resourceful people who take nothing for granted.
In order to get their proper nutrition from their diet, they would include any types of protein they could find. Almost all Mexican food dishes include some form of tortilla or tamale product, much like many American foods would contain a hoagie roll or sandwich bread.
Crops such as corn, chilies, beans, and squash would all be planted together, giving those harvesting a variety of food for their dishes.

This included maize and beans, as well as ants and other insects, which are good sources of protein (WordPress, 2009). Usually, these tortillas would be filled with ingredients such as meat, rice, beans, or vegetables, or any combination of those. A very accurate calendar was used to for planting and harvesting cycles, providing them a fairly dependable yearly crop (WordPress, 2009). The Spaniards also brought many condiments including black pepper, olive oil, cinnamon, cilantro, and oregano (LoveToKnow, 2006). Most of these dishes were unseen in Mexico at all, and were products of restaurants around the border of Mexico producing new foods (LoveToKnow, 2006). Never bland and always interesting, Mexican food is a favorite amongst Americans and the world over. It was an eye opener to sit through the cooking demonstration by Paula Estefania Gallegos Galeana who taught us how to make the perfect Quesadilla. They would combine this with other herbs to add more flavor and spice to their dishes, a method that is very common still today. This blend of old Mexican cuisine with new Indian spices and Spanish ingredients created the traditional food culture in Mexico we see today. Cooked over a fire or fried in a pan, they offer an easy to eat meal packed with nutrients at no cost, if you can catch them.
Authentic dishes are somewhat difficult to come by, as almost any dish anywhere in the world is influenced by other cultures.

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