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About Aun KohAun has always loved food and travel, passions passed down to him from his parents. Man… We have a Chinese-Mexican fusion place in Phoenix, AZ, USA that is completely horrible. June 1, 2016 by Singapore Foodie Leave a Comment Breakfast, brunch, whatever you like to call it. I do love the area, by the river near Robertson Quay, it was a relatively cool morning so we enjoyed sitting around and eating lots of yummy Mexican-ish food. I wasn’t feeling like going all out on a big breakfast, but an acai bowl was definitely a step too far. My friend S, having recently given birth and feeling drained of energy, felt the need to go all out for an El Mexican Grande ($24+).
Husband went for the Super Heuvos Rancheros ($20+) featuring two eggs, salsa, guacamole, sour cream and a side of chorizo. B went for Benedictos ($19+), the Mexican brunch take on Eggs Benedict, two English muffins with eggs, rosti and a rich looking dressing, he was a big fan. Order online : baja fresh mexican grill, Since 1990 baja fresh mexican grill has been making all your mexican favorites the way you like them.

Baja fresh mexican grill, Since 1990 baja fresh mexican grill has been making all your mexican favorites the way you like them.
Baja bistro fresh mex grill: mclean va (order online), Online ordering menu for baja bistro fresh mex grill.
The owner of Club Street Social has appeared in The Straits Times countless times since opening her cute lil’ bar and bistro on Gemmill Lane. There’s a counter from which you order, two small communal tables, and one even smaller table right outside the door. I feel like there is a lot of hope for Chinese-Mexican fusion, but doing it right is another notion altogether!
Interestingly Super Loco do have an acai bowl on the menu as a brunch choice, not particularly Mexican I wouldn’t have thought but then Super Loco isn’t exactly a traditional Mexican brunch. I opted for the Breakfast Burrito ($18+) which was a perfectly sized burrito, stuffed full of quinoa, chicken, scrambled eggs and mushroom. I’m not sure if there was toast underneath this, goodness knows he didn’t stop to offer me any! Not quite Common Man standard (although I think they use their beans) but certainly good enough for me to order a second and leave feeling satisfied with my Mexican brunch.

Fans of this feisty food entrepreneur will be excited to know that Min’s latest venture, Pistola, is now open. But this is really the kind of food you’re likely to scarf down in minutes or take away with you. Super Loco is a great spot by the river, the Margaritas are good and the staff are friendly. The crispy outer crust was a pleasant surprise and the spicy dipping sauce added just the right amount of zing to my meal.
And, I’m happy to report, that the Asian-Mexican fare at this tiny little QSR is innovative, awesome and addictive. And addictive enough to make you want to head back for a fix of your favourite combo on a weekly basis. I’ve never been to Mexico and I do suspect that could all change when I do but, for now, that’s generally how it goes.

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