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Please visit one of our locations, all our Mexican Restaurants are synonymous with Mexican food, we are a long established chain of Mexican Restaurants in the East Coast.
Mice Clip Art of a Mexican food restaurant eating and mice in Chinese restaurant and sitting on picnic tables. Clip art of holidays, animals, business, cosmetics, music, fairies, angels, children, medical, crosses, vehicles, hot air balloons, backgrounds, and more. Tons of clip art and thousands of clip art links that includes animals, people, houses and buildings, cultural clip art, food graphics, hobby images, dance, music, religious clip art, sports images, holiday clip art, medical clip art links, education, school, books, doctors, nurses, garden, flowers, fantasy, awards, and tons of other clip art and clip art links. Astorga’s is a family owned Mexican restaurant in Bishop, California, serving authentic Mexican food for 14+ years.
The restaurant has been extensively renovated and the food is delicious, very tastefully served in nicely appointed space.
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Months later, Jen and I decided to make another trip to El Campesino so I could do my review and get some pictures.

Jen ordered the #12, Chicken Burrito and Chicken Enchilada and enjoyed it just as thoroughly as I enjoyed mine.
La Tonalteca & La Tolteca offer a wide variety of authentic Mexican cuisine that has developed a loyal customers.
Located on Hwy 395, Astorga‚Äôs classic Mexican family restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a family friendly environment. I’ve been to two separate El Campesino restaurants in Canton and both have been equally as good. Within minutes a soda and tea were in our hands, along with a batch of warm tortilla chips and medium salsa. The texture was just right, smothered with the appropriate amount of cheese, topped with lettuce and tomato! Our food was on the table within five minutes of us ordering–no more than ten minutes after we had taken our seat.
Just about every combination of tacos, burritos, fajitas, and enchiladas is on the menu and numbered.

I guess Mexican food only has about six basic ingredients, it’s just a matter of throwing it together in one of several dozen combinations.
The service is extremely fast, and the food is reasonably priced, fresh and delicious every time.
I try not to eat all the food on my plate when I go out, hoping to have something left over the next day, but I just couldn’t help myself. The time it took enter the restaurant, get seated, eat, pay and walk back outside, my motorcycle hadn’t even cooled down yet! We ordered some queso to go along with our chips and salsa (mmmm, cheese), then placed our order while we enjoyed our chip appetizer.

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