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At Taj Mahal The experience involves a lot more than elegant decor and comfortable surroundings.
About Where To EatFind local restaurants near you, on your smart phone or on your computer. While there are dozens of other important reasons that motivated me to make Mexico my home, the great food here is most certainly near the top of the list! It begins in the kitchen where our chefs take pride in preparing each dish with the finest premium ingredients to create authentic dishes that you’ll enjoy sharing with your family and friends.
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Arrived at 11:15 and was told my order was not ready and that I can pay when I get my order. Take a step through our door and experience the magic of traditional Nepalese and Indian cuisine. They have added a couple of outside tables which is nice, smaller restaurant off the beaten track but well worth seeking out. There were two customers paying for 10 separate orders individually, which took forever, while food was sitting there getting cold. Sometimes the burro is a bit too wet, and sometimes the tortilla is a bit thin and the burro breaks.

I would love to bring them more burritos, but really can't find myself going that again.The whole order process is in dire need of some organization and friendly people!

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