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Owner Gabriel Patino and company transformed the former Brentwood Rally’s into Fort Taco, a homage to the food they grew up on.
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Bring your traffic issues, maintenance issues, email marketing questions, security, reputation management, website apps., questions to the lunch and get answers. Formerly only found in Studio City, Maradentro has opened up a new space in Brentwood that brings their seafood-oriented Mexican food to the west side. For the non-meat eater, the cheese tamales with rajas poblanas and queso oaxaca feel very simple, yet well executed.
What Maradentro brings to the area is not specifically a genre it’s unversed in, but it definitely places itself as a go-to spot excelling the idea of coastal Mexican classics. Stay in the loop with restaurant + art openings, live shows, private parties, and secret sample sales.
To celebrate Mexican Independence Day (September 16), through the weekend La Sandia will serve Ponche, a traditional Independence Day punch, and the rich and spicy Chile en Nogada, a poblano pepper stuffed with pork in a walnut cream sauce. La Sandia Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Bar shares the top floor of Santa Monica Place with half a dozen other restaurants, the Food Court and the Market.
You'll recognize La Sandia by the crowded patio and open air bar, offering over 200 tequillas, half a dozen margaritas and Mexican beers, Mojitos, Capirinhas and Sangria pitchers.
The front part of the restaurant is dominated by the busy bar scene, especially at Happy Hour.
Walk past the bar and you enter the restaurant with a dining room in a plaza style expanse, dominated by a retractable ceiling, a large fountain with four, smiling cherubs and upholstered booths with plush seating.
Traditionally made from volcanic stone, the three-legged bowl is used in preparing the guacamole at the table.

Tear a tortilla into quarters, put a spoonful each of the Spanish rice and charro beans (black beans simmered with chorizo and onions), a fork-full of caramelized steak coated in liquid cheese, add a piece of charred scallion, a tasting of the roasted tomato and green chile salsas and pop the tasty packet in your mouth. As your mouth enjoys all those flavors and textures, your eyes close and you begin to mumble.
When the plate of chile en nogada, the holiday dish, appears on the table, everyone will lean forward to inhale the wealth of aromas rising from the poblano pepper, split open to reveal the crumble of sauteed pork. Chef-owner, Richard Sandoval generously shares his recipe for Chile en Nogada so even after Mexican Independence Day, you can continue to enjoy this delicious dish at home.
In a large frying pan, heat the oil to medium high and saute the onion until translucent; add the mushrooms until golden on all sides. Before serving, cover and heat through in a 300 degree oven for a few minutes or under the broiler until hot. Businesses talk about problems & wishes and an all star panel of local experts answer questions. A spicy cucumber margarita with jalapeno gives a nice punch while their SMP with a dried candied mango atop allows for something sweet to pair well with the salt and acid found in their main dishes. While our city has no shortage of avocado dishes, their guacamole, with pepitas and fresh diced veggies, is notable. The carnitas, paired with roasted veggies and fresh tortillas is a perfect pull-apart-melt-in-your-mouth experience. Whole avocados are mashed together with onions, fresh tomatoes, cilantro, serano peppers for heat, sea salt and lime juice.
One bite and your eyes close again and if you are all sharing bites together, all eyes will be closed and mouths will be moving as if speaking through sealed lips.
Warm, creamy, full of flavors that are nutty and yet so much more, the sauce perfectly ties together the muskiness of the poblano with the sweetness of the pork.

When ready to serve, spoon the sauce over the stuffed chiles and garnish with pomegranate seeds and chopped parsley.
Patino uses the recipes of his great-grandparents, who brought their native cuisine with them when they emigrated to Fort Madison, Iowa. On the other end of the economical and authenticity spectrum, we also have a burgeoning scene of fusion-style eateries that are popping up, experimenting with the south of the border genre and doing something unique with the classic staple items. This is a creme brulee take on the classic dessert that transforms it to a custard-like delicacy as opposed to the jello vibes that might have steered you away before.
Guacamole can be good but at La Sandia it is great, with the perfect balance of salty, creamy, crunchy (those delicious raw onions) and heat. Eaten on the freshly made tortilla chips and all you're missing is an ice cold cerveza or a salt-rimmed margarita.
Traditional soft-shell tacos are its signature; the large, puffy, deep fried flour shells are stuffed with either beef or chicken and simply dressed are a feast in themselves.
Enchiladas -- vegetarian, beef or chicken -- covered in a rich, ancho-chile-based sauce are equally delicious, and the handmade tamales are as authentic as anything you’d find on Cherokee Street. Fort Taco is drive-through only, and thankfully the long line moves quickly -- the friendly staff understand the urgency of getting this delicious food in their patrons hands as fast as possible.

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