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Here you will find our recommended health food stores in Melbourne, organic grocers in Melbourne, organic butchers in Melbourne as well as cafes in Melbourne with healthy, Paleo, vegan, gluten-free and raw menu's. The Picklery was born out of a personal mission to eat and drink healthy and living foods that are not only good for you, but taste great as well.
And so a long quest began, a quest to brew an authentic, live, raw and most of all DELICIOUS Kombucha. Their range of organic, vegan-friendly baking mixes means healthy snacks are just a mixing bowl away.
Whether you are looking for work snacks, treats for the kids or something to have on hand when friends pop around, they have got you covered. Their current range of goodies includes banana and cinnamon muffins, cacao-chip chia and oat cookies, chewy cacao-chip muesli bars and raw cacao bliss balls. Located in the renowned Queen Victoria Market, Vic Market Organics was the first and continues to be your one stop shop for certified organic fresh produce and pantry staples. The Re-Raw Essentials range of luxury hand blended teas was inspired by founder Janet Roach’s love of tea, and in particular the benefits tea has when used as part of an ongoing daily ritual. In addition to Janet’s tea obsession, the real story behind Re-Raw Essentials (and their passion to produce life-changing products) began with Janet’s son Jake. About a week into the course of having the teas daily – every morning and night, Jake started to experience a new found energy, and in turn a far more positive and motivated outlook. Creating Re-Raw Essentials seemed like the natural next step, combining Janet’s passion for tea with Jake’s passion for The Roach Foundation. The tea collection currently consists 6 essential blends, made with love and the finest natural quality ingredients, but there are still many more to come. Being a Melbourne gal and doing my rounds for the last year, I am happy to report that I have found some amazing places out there that respect our health, our food and our planet… dishing up nothing less than deliciously nourishing meals.
As the name suggests, The Vegie Bar is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant serving up some absolutely amazing looking dishes using organic, bio-dynamic & local ingredients. It’s got a really laid back vibe and casual feel, even though the food looks like something you would get in the finest of restaurants. Word of warning though– this place gets extremely busy and if you are coming around dinnertime you are generally going to be waiting for a table! Combi is a cool little cafe open for breaky and lunch daily, that has the whole nourishing eating thing down-pat! They also offer a deliciously healthy gluten free sprouted bread which I love (as a lot of gluten free bread these days has a CRAP load of, well..crap!) and they make their own nut milk out of activated almonds…yeah baby, this is my kind of place! They serve up some amazing organic smoothies & juices as well as offer some beautiful organic and bio-dynamic wines.
They offer an array of powerful herbal & medicinal teas (think Pau D Arco, Cat’s Claw, Chaga), cold pressed juices, smoothies, soups, wraps and noodles – as well as a breakfast on Sundays and Dinner on Saturday nights.
O-My is exclusively degustation, offering up a 4 course, 6 course or 8 course degustation with matching wines as an extra option. They are happy to cater for any dietary requirements you may have, and were more than willing to cook all my food in organic coconut oil. If I find any other suitable contestants I will be sure to add them to the list, but for now, these guys are the best of the best in our rainy little city of Melbourne. If theres an organic whole foods cafe or restaurant in Melbourne that you have been crushing on – I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

The organic seasonal boxes make great gifts, they are practical and nutritious and most of all, packed with love. TOM was founded on the philosophy that women should never have to compromise the wellbeing of their bodies or the planet.
At just 26, founder Aimee Marks is an impressive young entrepreneur dedicated to making sure women have a chemical free solution. Just because you’ve got your period doesn’t mean you have to compromise your health and wellbeing. The TOM Organic products are presented in gorgeous (award winning) packaging, designed in collaboration with leading Australian Fashion Illustrator Sarah Carter Jenkins, there is no compromise in style, elegance or design. TOM Organic took out gold in the Health & Beauty category at the Australian Packaging Design Awards in 2012. TOM Organic has positioned itself as a leading eco brand with the belief that all women should be free to live the life they want to live, to thrive and dream without limits. TOM Organic proudly supports the Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation raising much needed awareness for such an important cause.
Melba Fresh are fresh produce wholesalers established for three generations at the Melbourne Markets in Victoria, Australia. Provides fresh produce to the hospitality industry, restaurants, food service, hospitals and special events and deliver throughout Melbourne CBD and beyond.
Represents some of Australia's premier growers and provides to greengrocers, independent supermarkets, providores and exporters a vast range of fresh produce and value added lines. Represents many of Australia's major certified organic fresh produce growers and on sells to retailers, exporters and any business requiring certified organic fresh produce. We're believers who want to see the Lord glorified through an organic expression of Christ in Satellite Beach & Melbourne FL. Find out more about becoming a Nourish Melbourne Member here or click here to view a full list of Member benefits.
Kombucha was the perfect drink to support that mission but it was hard to find one that tasted genuinely good – one that tasted more like a delicious and refreshing drink rather than something you were drinking just because it is healthy. After many months of fermenting black tea, a growing pile of SCOBY’s and plenty of Kombucha that tasted like old socks, The Picklery's head brewer finally emerged triumphant. The team at Bake Mixes believe in living a balanced life (in your own way) and hope that their DIY baking mixes make living such a life that little bit easier. Choose from a broad range of fresh and seasonal fruit, herbs and veggies, pasta's, oils and dried fruits, freshly baked breads, grains, nuts and everyday essentials. Recognising how fortunate he was, Jake was inspired to help other burns patient’s access to the same treatment he was receiving, and so the Roach Foundation was established. The amount charged will be the actual weight of the product dispatched multiplied by price per kg.
The Vegie Bar has a number of Gluten Free and Raw options and are usually able to cater for your specific dietary requirements if you have any.
There is also a separate bar out the back offering a good range or bio-dynamic & organic wines, as well as juices, smoothies and other bevs. Using only organic produce, they offer an awesome selection of super food smoothies, cold pressed juices, kombucha (fermented tea), organic cofffee as well as some yummy options for breaky and lunch (think acai bowls, avo toast, raw pizza). As an extra bonus, you can also purchase organic superfoods & herbs from this little place that you may have a hard time finding elsewhere.

If you are after nothing less then mouth-watering nourishing wholefoods in a classy candlelit setting, look no further then O-My! The 3 brothers that own this amazing little place are super passionate about fresh produce & sustainability, so much so that all of their vegetables and herbs are grown out the back in their own organic vegie patch, the meat is sourced by the most ethical organic farmers, and even their honey is produced by the bees out the back (I shit you not!). The attention to detail in this place is impeccable, and they treat you as if you are their one and only customer.
Their range of certified organic cotton tampons, pads and liners are the first organic feminine hygiene products to be ranged in major Australian supermarkets (in fact in ranging TOM, Woolworths was one of the first major supermarkets in the world to stock organic pads and tampons!). TOM products are made using the purest organic cotton on earth, breathable, comfortable and hypoallergenic, all products are free from chemicals, bleaches and genetically modified material, making them better for your body and better for the earth.
The unique slim line design of the tampon pack ensures they can discreetly slide into even the most slender handbag.
The range of products is available Australia-wide through the TOM Organic online store, Woolworths, Coles and selected pharmacies and health food stores. A wife, mother and fashion addict, with a passion for sharing her experiences in her home city of Melbourne and around the globe. Shopping, style, culture, coffee, wine, food, sport, roadtrips, festivals and everything we love in Melbourne.
Having evolved as a leader in wholesale fresh produce, today Melba Fresh offers a total fresh produce solution through three divisions. Some of Melba Fresh's proprietary brands include Bebe, Nakedveg, Dolcecos, Loovie and most recently Ditch The Kitch. The next two years following the accident were spent with endless rounds of treatment and while the results were amazing, they left Jake tired.
Pronounced “Oh My”, you are in for an absolute treat if you choose to dine with these guys.
We come from many different backgrounds and have found what keeps us together is keeping our focus on Jesus Christ.
It is "church that is born out of spiritual life instead of being constructed by human institutions and held together by religious programs.
Eventually, after much persistence, Janet convinced Jake to try the teas she had been blending. Although it is about a 50-minute drive from the CBD, O-My is well worth the km’s if you want to experience fine dining at it’s finest + organic & nourishing foods all mixed into one. Someone may share a testimony of the Lord in their life that week, sometimes we will all study the same scripture and share how we saw Christ in it, people often bring a song to share, and if we all love it, we will add it to our song book. Organic church life is a grassroots experience that is marked by face-to-face community, every-member functioning, open-participatory meetings (as opposed to pastor-to-pew services), nonhierarchical leadership, and the centrality and supremacy of Jesus Christ as the functional Leader and Head of the gathering." We'd love to meet fellow brothers and sisters who want to share Christ, so feel free stop in to a meeting any time. Most meetings you'll find us singing A Capella and sometimes along with a guitar or recorded music. We are friends, and community, and we are very involved in each others lives throughout the week.

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