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This does add a little extra time at the beginning — a little more prep time than you may be used to seeing with our recipes.
The other thing we love about this recipe is that the rest of the ingredients are simple — onion, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, breadcrumbs, milk, egg and ketchup. You May Also Like These Easy Sides: Baked Sweet Potato Fries or our Simple, Everyday Mashed Potatoes. Get Free Recipes by EmailGet insanely delicious FREE recipes and cooking videos in your inbox.
I am going to make this for sure love the great reviews but what makes this a must make for me is that its in ounces & grams.
I made this the other day and did not bake it until yesterday (I saved it for our busier day with the kids activities.) Can I just say my 9 year old daughter is THE pickiest eater and LOVED this!!!
Make it today is good I add spinash carrots,celery,peppers,to make it healthy but I like the moist the mushrooms add to it and the milk mix whit the panko is a good tip. I made this tonight, followed directions exactly, except I used button mushrooms, did not have cremini, and it was delicious!! I decided to look for a turkey meatloaf recipe because my SO said that he’d had some VERY awful turkey meatloaf at work (they have their own cafeteria) and I was determined to prove to him that turkey meatloaf can be delicious!
My SO does not like mushrooms and it’s not a vegetable that I have on hand most of the time but I had zucchini. If you are visiting from a mobile or tablet device, our star review system can be tricky for some devices.
Skip the oil and fryer and make this easy baked chicken wings recipe coated in a simple restaurant-style hot sauce and served with creamy blue cheese dip. Mar 4 25 Comments These meatloaf and meatballs recipes and ideas will help you save time making dinner. Smothered meatballs- Slow cook the meatballs in a can of Cream of Mushroom soup for about 20 minutes. When making meatloaf, you don’t have to bake it separately from the rest of the meal.
If you are getting tired of having to carefully form another hamburger patty for the barbecue, here’s an easy trick my mom always used to make her hamburger patties. If you use this meatloaf recipe for any of the above purposes, you will probably want to use ketchup instead of the barbecue sauce that is mentioned in the basic meatloaf recipe. Would you like to serve food that will lower your grocery bill and your family will love to eat? Click here to get the Dining On A Dime Cookbook, with tasty recipes and great tips to make your life easier and save you money! I make my own S&S sauce using 1 cup vinegar 1 cup sugar or splenda and a tbsp ketchup and soy sauce. I mix up meatloaf burgers and cook several pounds of them on the George Foreman Grill and freeeze them.

I just dump in my ingredients when I make meatloaf, but I don’t have dry mustard so I use the regular kind as well as some ketchup and BBQ sauce.
Alexis, this sounds good with the sausage as I have made sausage & ground beef hamburgers. Don’t add the ketchup to the meatloaf and then cook,,,it burns, instead wait until the last 5 to 10 minutes and put it on top of the meatloaf and return it to the oven to finish.
Believe it or not my hubby and I add a little bit of shredded cheese on the top of the meatloaf right before we take it out of the over,just long enough for it to melt.It adds flavor and its good.
While going through a bunch of old cook books I for a recipe for meat loaf that is just so good.
Then I just wash the lid and ring and put it away for next time (I have a dedicated pair that I keep in my kitchen drawer for just such a task). I enjoy sharing a growing archive of delicious free recipes from both sides of my family and from those who have shared their favorite recipes.
In a separate large mixing bowl, combine ground beef, milk, eggs, onion, garlic, crackers, bread crumbs, salt and pepper.
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You don’t really taste mushrooms in the meatloaf, instead they are in there to add depth and a savory taste. We usually have all those ingredients in the kitchen and we’re betting you do too (or at least most of them). Since posting this in 2013, we have tweaked the recipe to be more clear and added a quick recipe video. Lots of finely chopped mushrooms add flavor and moisture, often missing from the typical turkey meatloaf. As good as any meatloaf made with beef and really, the best turkey meatloaf I have ever tasted. I used about 230g of zucchini, 225g of yellow onion, and 27oz of ground turkey since that’s how much the package had in it (I buy mine at Costco), everything else stayed the same. The only ingredient I added was a link of hot Italian Sausage (casing removed) which I further processed so it would blend easier with turkey. If you plan to leave a star review, please write the number of stars (1 to 5) in your comment and either Adam or Joanne will amend your comment with your star review.
You’ll find recipes that are easy-to-make, worth your time and that you’ll want to make over and over again.
You can serve it with mashed potatoes or better yet toss in some baked potatoes to cook at the same time as the meatloaf. When you freeze your meatloaf is it cooked or do you take it out and cook it when you need it?
When my kids were little and convinced they hated onions I did the same thing with the onion I put in the meatloaf.

Easy Peasy… plus they grill nicely because they’re all the same size like store-bought ones! This Sweet Glazed Meatloaf recipe is easier to make than it looks and is sure to be enjoyed by even the pickiest eaters in the house! We’ve done this before, in fact mushrooms are the secret ingredient to our Easy Go-To Turkey Chili Recipe. Also, a couple shakes of crushed chili peppers and I use medium salsa on the top instead of ketchup. I skipped through painstakingly dicing everything super fine by just dicing the stuff with my Vitamix on 2.
I’m still struggling to relearn cooking, as my adult daughter has done it for the last 10 years, but can no longer do it on a daily basis. For more flavor, try one or a combination of brown cremini, portobello, or shiitake mushrooms.
Meatloaf recipes are about as varied as people are and you can adjust the liquid (milk) and the oats or crumbs in them to what you want. You could cook 2-3 at a time then freeze but I also liked to bake things sometimes the day I am using them because made the house smell so nice when the kids and hubby arrived.
Mix it up, sometimes even the night before, set the temp depending on my time frame and leave it alone. I doubled it and made meatballs with a turkey gravy, a meatloaf with ketchup sauce on top, and threw some uncooked into the freezer to see how it turns out as a crock pot meatloaf later.
Now lay a wax paper square down, set a ball of hamburger on it and top with another piece of wax paper.
Jimmy Dean sausage for meatloaf, with the crumbs of some kind, ketchup, mustard, salt, and pepper. I have been freezing single servings in snack size ziploc bags for work lunches during the week. It was also my first time using Panko instead of oatmeal or Progresso Italian bread crumbs. Use what you have, but keep in mind that kosher salt has larger flakes compared to table or fine sea salt.
If using a finer salt, you will need to reduce the amount of salt called for in our recipe by 25% to 50%.

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