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PET or PETE (polyethylene terephthalate) is a clear, tough polymer with exceptional gas and moisture barrier properties. HDPE (high density polyethylene) is used in milk, juice and water containers in order to take advantage of its excellent protective barrier properties. Vinyl (polyvinyl chloride, or PVC) provides excellent clarity, puncture resistance and cling. PP (polypropylene) has high tensile strength, making it ideal for use in caps and lids that have to hold tightly on to threaded openings. PS (polystyrene), in its crystalline form, is a colorless plastic that can be clear and hard. Buying and storing bulk food is a staple of any good long term food storage plan.  Though the science behind it is complicated, in the end if you know where your bucket has been, 3 and 5 gallon food grade buckets make perfect containers to store loose wheat, rice, oats, etc.
This is a side by side view of  two popular food grade Diatomaceous earth’s on the market.
Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth by Grandpa’s is a 100% natural product, meaning it is in its purest form, nothing has been added to it, it has not been chemically or heat treated, just mined and ground up into a fine powder, and packaged for you.
Pool grade Diatomaceous Earth is calcined (Meaning it has with gone some serious heat treating) this turn’s a lot of the natural Amorphous Silica into crystalline silica, which is very harmful to Humans and Pets, This stuff is no joke, use the right precautions when handling Pool Grade Diatomaceous Earth.
Grandpas Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth must have less than 1% Crystalline Silica to be considered SAFE or Food Grade But Pool Grade can contain anywhere from 1% to 75% Crystalline Silica. My recommendation would be not to go breathing in all the Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth you can, but it really won’t harm your lungs anymore then breathing in other fine dust or powder, just be smart.
There is a common misconception that all containers made of white plastic or HDPE plastic bearing recycle symbol 2 are food grade containers. This is not true. If a container is not clearly labeled as “food safe” or being made of food grade plastic, then you should assume that it is not food grade. You can read more about these plastic types, including details about their temperature tolerances, on the food grade plastics article. Effective January 1, 2013, the Cottage Food Bill, AB1616, allows certain low-risk food products, to be prepared and packaged in private home kitchens in California. The primary goal of the Food Handler's Certification Program, first adopted in 1978, is to prevent foodborne illness through education.
Mobile Food Facilities are inspected to ensure safe food handling practices, sanitation, and compliance with California Health and Safety Code and Riverside County Ordinances, just like fixed food facilities.

DES is responsible for all plan check and field inspections for all new food facility construction or remodeling of existing facilities. Temporary food facilities are food facilities that are set up at a fixed location for a maximum of 25 days over a 90 day period. Permits are required from your local Environmental Health Office to operate a temporary food facility. Summary:Email forward explains how to decode the triangular "chasing arrows" symbol on plastic containers (Full commentary below). Did you ever drink from a plastic bottle and see a triangle symbol on the bottom with a number inside? Many plastic containers that we use every day, including soft drink and water bottles, food packaging and household chemical bottles include a number and letters contained within and beneath a triangle shaped "chasing arrows" symbol. The plastics coding system is a voluntary scheme initiated by the US Society of the Plastics Industry in 1988.
The code system was developed to meet recyclers' needs while providing manufacturers a consistent, uniform system that could apply nationwide. While the information about the plastic coding system is true, other claims in the email are more debatable. More recently, Bisphenol A, an industrial chemical used in the manufacture of polycarbonate plastic is raising health related concerns and generating heated debate among scientists and industry regulators. While the potential health risks of using plastics is likely to remain the subject of heated debate, an understanding of the plastic coding system symbols can certainly help consumers become more aware of what sorts of plastics they are using in their everyday lives.
Because of its high melting point, polypropylene can be hot-filled with products designed to cool in bottles, including ketchup and syrup. Once done they googled about how Diatomaceous Earth works, only to find out the should not have used pool grade, (they dusted a hazardous substance all over their home) They then had to wear safety masks while at home day and night and while the rigorous process of cleaning it up. Based on just the recycle symbol, they all seem to be food grade, but I’d check with the manufacturer of the storage totes before using them for direct contact with food.
Additionally, this program administers the Food Handler Certification program to assure food facility employees have adequate knowledge of proper sanitation procedures and practices. The Cottage Food Bill, also known as the California Homemade Food Act, was passed in an effort to help Californians recover from the slow economy, promote small scale businesses and create jobs.
The program applies to anyone whose job includes the handling of food, beverages or utensils.

Temporary food facilities will be inspected on the day of the event, and throughout the event as needed, to check compliance with all applicable state and local requirements. Because municipal recycling programs traditionally have targeted packaging – primarily bottles and containers – the resin coding system offered a means of identifying the resin content of bottles and containers commonly found in the residential waste stream. The message suggests that toxic chemicals from plastic containers can leach into food and drink and have a detrimental impact on our health.
Polycarbonate is included under 7 in the above Plastic Code, although not all products in the 7 group are made from Polycarbonate. As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version of the site, with print-friendly pages.Click here to learn more. Foamed or expanded polystyrene (EPS) is used for products such as meat trays, egg cartons and coffee cups. The molecules of HDPE are more tightly packed and stable than other food grade plastics, meaning less plastic can leach into your precious food stores. Examples of temporary food facilities are state and county fairs, city festivals, circuses and other public gathering events that are approved by the Environmental Health Department.
Check our guidance section to obtain the Temporary Food Facility Guidelines and the Temporary Food Facility Fees. It’s even possible that a bucket is made with food grade plastic but has been colored with toxic dyes. For example, a long running emailed "health warning" that claims there are links between cancer and the heating and freezing of plastic containers has been dismissed as untrue by health experts and government agencies such as America's Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Another warning that circulates via email claims that simply reusing plastic bottles can lead to the ingestion of the chemical DEHA and cause cancers. Words: herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, detrivore, autotroph, heterotroph, predator, prey, top predator, consume.

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