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While it's possible to start babies on foods other than Rice Cereal, I decided to stick with the tried and true to start.
This first month will allow us to introduce Kenley to the first foods and then next month we can start experimenting with different combinations and recipes.
While Kenley adjusts to these new foods as well as eating with a spoon we are keeping her menu and feeding schedule simple. Do any of you mamas have any words of wisdom on starting solids OR making your own baby food? In a world of convenience where everything is about fitting more into less and less time, health can often take a back seat. Many time-pressured parents turn to tinned and bottled baby foods and while they are a much better choice than most of the adult versions of the same, they’re simply not the freshest nor healthiest option there is.
A favourite of mine is the humble pear, with its subtle delicate flavour and juiciness that reminds me of those gorgeous summertime stone fruits. This article was written by Lucy Marinelli and kindly submitted by our friends at Alfalfa House who first published it into their  e-news in 2008.
TestimonialsI just wanted to let you know that our kanoe has basically saved my life and my marriage. I was reassured after Kenley's 4 month check up when she was gaining weight and growing as she should - our doctor told me there was no reason to start her on solids unless we wanted to.
I also listed out all of the "first foods" and then created a schedule of when we would try each of the foods alternating between fruits and veggies and also adding in the Rice and Oatmeal Cereals. We'll stick to these foods until Kenley turns 8 months and then we'll start to introduce the second foods. Her diet is still mostly comprised of breast milk and formula {more on that later} and will continue to for the next several months. I have a link on my blog for how to make your own baby food that is SO easy, you will have to try it! While we’re all too often willing to make compromises with our own health, our children’s is another matter.
As members of an organic co-op we know only too well the benefits of organic foods in their freshest and least processed state.

So add each new taste to their diet gradually, and serve each a few times so their young tastebuds get accustomed to the new sensations and come to enjoy them. The quality of your articles are also a great resource for the new parents wanting to raise a sustainable baby like us! Thanks to your article on homeopathy for babies we were able to naturally treat her condition. When the baby is over 6 months, you can start with cereals like rice, oatmeal, barley or grains.
It's important to wait at least three days after introducing a new food so that if your baby has an allergic reaction you are able to pinpoint which food is causing it. I love how you're so thoughtful and purposeful with everything that you do for sweet K :-)YAY for linking up for the very first time, woohoo!!
Health-conscious parents will spend years looking after their own health before conception in order that their children get the best start in life.
Of course bananas and avocados are a godsend for the quick and easy feed-on-the-go, but what about all those other vitamin-rich, tasty fruits out there, pre-packaged and ready to go in their own skins?
A fully ripe pear is one that is slightly firm, but gives a little when you squeeze the area near the stem.
While the tang of kiwifruit is a taste generally loved by children, it can take a little getting used to.
And breastfeeding mothers will watch what they eat to ensure their youngsters continue to get the best. To speed the ripening process, place the pear in a brown paper bag in the fruit bowl and use the pressure test to check for readiness. The gentle sweetness of breast milk, bananas, avocados, and the basic rice cereal have been more familiar to their palates. That is why, when you introduce solid foods to your baby, they start crying or turn their face away.
So what do you do when it comes time to begin introducing that first mouthful of solid food? To turn a pear into a tasty baby food, peel and core the pear and then add a small kiwi fruit and blend.

The richer flavours of those luscious fruits will sometimes take them a little longer to get used to. These stubborn babies need to have solid food as the growing baby demands more than just breast milk. Right now she's getting brown rice mixed with applesauce for breakfast, nursing for lunch and in between and a veggie for dinner.
Once a comfortable flavour addition to their palate, it will be something they’ll enjoy for many years to come. Kiwis and pears are packed with vitamin C, most of the B group of vitamins, as well as iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, manganese and calcium for growing bones.
I recently emailed some about baby care to some other mums in my parenting group and now my whole parenting group are all devoted Bonjour Baby fans!
Simmer for 10 minutes and stir at small intervals to avoid the rice form sticking in the pan.5. Even if you do not give cereals, your baby will deny eating thinking that you are giving the same cereals. Many mothers forcefully feed cereals or cow's milk so that the baby starts developing a taste. Instead of feeding them yourself, spread some food on the table and allow the baby to pick it up and eat it. You will be surprised to see your baby licking the food from the finger all by himself or herself. So, instead of forcefully feeding with a spoon, give the food to your baby and see how happily he or she plays and eats the food.

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