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Maggie’s Naturals, also the makers of eco-kids art supplies, has just released six natural gluten-free food colors made with organic fruit, vegetable, and plant extracts.
Maggie’s Naturals food coloring is the same concept as artificial food coloring, just without all of the yucky stuff.
The food coloring has a natural appeal, though darker more intense colors can be made by adding extra natural coloring. I was able to faintly taste some of the ingredients in the icing, especially the green coloring, but my daughter loved them all. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. The Sugar Sprinkles are so much fun and the perfect complement to make a completely naturally-colored classic cut-out sugar cookie, cupcakes, cakes and more.
This is excellent news for moms, like me, who have struggled to make their own natural colors for icings!

I received four of the seven sugar sprinkle packets they offer: green, blue, red and orange.
I grew up eating colored pancakes every weekend and loved funky colored cookies and treats, especially around the holidays.
You can add Maggie’s Naturals to foods, icings, and even art projects like chalk and play dough. Again, the coloring doesn't give the sugar any odd flavor and really has the same texture as a gritty natural sugar. But with all of the recent research on food coloring, especially red dye 40 and yellow 5 and 6, fun colored food just hasn’t been worth it to my family. The best part is that it doesn’t stain your hands or counters like artificial dyes, so your kiddos can help make fun colors in art projects or while coloring food. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

Artificial food coloring is derived from petroleum and large studies have shown them to cause hyperactivity and other behavioral issues. I have a few extra spice jars on hand so I transferred mine into those instead of the packets because I found them a bit hard to pour without using my fingers. Making your own natural food colors can be time consuming, so Maggie’s Naturals is the perfect solution.

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