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Stripy salad rocket flowers works brilliantly with savoury dishes and their beautiful vibrancy epitomises summer. Below is a stunning homemade Beef carpaccio from The Jack In the Green using a selection of our edible flowers including rocket flowers. This year, I wanted to use some really hot colours to produce some really ‘zingy and slap you in the eye catching canapes’! I have some wonderful yellow and green striped tulips which look just stunning stuffed with a salsa verde and popped on the side of a plate of boned out leg of roasted lamb. I’ve not tried it yet but I also think that these would be wonderful as part of a dessert stuffed with mousse or quinelles of ice-cream.
This cheesecake is an amalgamation of three different recipes in order to get the result that I wanted and it went down such a storm at the Darts Farm  Food is Fun Teepee.
Blitz the biscuits until they are crumbs (or pop in a plastic bag and bash with a rolling pin) and then mix with the melted butter. Slightly warm the lemon juice and elderflower cordial in a pan and add the softened gelatine sheets that you have squeezed the water from.
Separate the eggs and put the yolks into a bowl with the cream cheese, sugar and sour cream. When blood temperature or cooler (ie stick your finger in & see that its no longer warm) then fold into the mixture along with the egg whites  that you have blended in a separate bowl until they form soft peaks.
Whilst you are waiting (and assuming you don’t have to drive anywhere or operate heavy machinery), the open the bottle of prosecco and taste for quality! Alternatively, opt for the no pattern approach and throw on petals in a random manner which looks just as lovely and takes a fraction of the time! The marvel of this recipe is that the parts can become the whole and you can mix and match as you see fit. Tags: buy edible flowers uk, buy fresh elderflowers, buyelderflowers, buyfreshelderflowers, by elderflowers for cooking, edibleflowersforweddings. Instead of buying your loved one a bunch of imported scentless flowers that have flown half way around the world why don’t you buy them a gift voucher for Edible Flowers instead? Buying a gift voucher for Maddocks Farm Organics for a foodie friend, a keen gardener or frankly somebody who has everything  is a lovely idea. Maddocks Farm Organics Gift Vouchers are ideal for Easter, Mothers’ Day, Birthdays or Christmas or just as a thank you for an act of kindness. Where you are purchasing a voucher for a specific box of flowers, the voucher prices include the cost of both the gift AND the cost of sending the gift to your chosen one via overnight courier.
Whilst there are many complicated ice-cream recipes which require expensive machines or much whipping and churning you will be pleased to know that this is not one of them.
At Maddocks Farm Organics we make our own pesto in the summer due to the massive glut of various basils that we get. For me the main bonus of pesto is that it is extremely easy and quick to make and all the ingredients that you need are either in the garden or items that you’d have in the store cupboard or fridge.
We’ve now extended our pesto making to other seasons and other ingredients and this time of year is perfect with wild garlic in abundance which forms a lovely base to be partnered with a whole host of spring time additions. This weekend I was fortunate enough to be invited by Darts Farm to do a demo at Exeter Food Festival with the lovely Matt Mason from The Jack in the Green pub in Rockbeare. Wild garlic, giant red mustard, nasturtium leaves and edible flowers all heading for the pesto. Roses are fast becoming our favourite edible flower at Maddocks Farm Organics and the one we are most commonly associated with.

They are a big hit with all our customers whether they’re brides, caterers, top London chefs or cocktail aficionados. Over the past couple of years we have invested vast amounts of time and money into researching the best types of roses for culinary use. We grow more than 30 different varieties of organic edible roses for use on Wedding and other celebration cakes. It cannot be emphasised enough that you must not use commercially grown roses either for culinary use or to decorate cakes. Whilst rose petals might well make a fabulous cake decorations – both fresh and crystallised they are also superb floating in cocktails, in salads and a host of other culinary treats. All our roses are  picked early in the day, packed up and sent to you by overnight courier so that they are with you just hours from being in the field.
Whilst the height of summer is when the roses are making all the effort, behind the scenes here at Maddocks Farm our efforts go unheeded in the winter.
We underplant our roses with companion plants to bring the much needed hoverflies and ladybirds that will organically tackle any aphids.
I wanted to say a big thank you for all your help and recommendations for the flowers for my wedding cake! They are stunning stars in cream and brown with a strong spicy flavour which marry well with a whole host of savoury dishes as well as being lovely to garnish salads and canapes.
All photos on this website are the property of Maddocks Farm Organics and should not be reproduced without permission. These could easily be worked up into a really lovely vegetarian starter with the addition of  salad leaves, dressing and fetta cheese or grilled halloumi cheese. I’ve attached some really cracking recipes used to generate the wonderful colours above. Firm down into the bottom of a pre-greased  9 inch spring base baking tin and refrigerate to set. Gently swirl around the pan until all the gelatine has dissolved and put aside to cool slightly. Blend until just smooth but don’t overdo it or it will split and then stir in the flower petals and lemon zest. Pour 3 tablespoons of elderflower cordinal into a measuring jug and make up to a pint with the prosecco. If you do this with gusto from a great height you will make a crater in the soft mousse like filling so be careful and then roll the tin around so the glaze settles. Pop back into the fridge to chill again until firm (a hour or so) and drink the remains of the prosecco as you might need its calming influence for the final stage! Add an extra spoon of elderflower cordial to the filling and a little extra grated lemon and you have a beautiful dessert served in its own right. That way they can choose the perfect box of flowers to garnish a romantic meal at a time to suit them.
You can choose from a selection of different boxes of edible flowers or send a voucher for box of lovely flower salad. Basil can be a bit slow getting going so we always plant far more than we need but once it’s up and running it is hard to keep up with and we always end up with far too much by the end of the season.
I’m very lucky to have been working with Matt and his lovely team for a couple of years now and they are a joy to supply because they all are passionate about good local seasonal ingredients and unfailingly good humoured. For example for spreading on bread or smearing under the skin of chicken this dryer version is better.

Or for almost any other time when you need to treat yourself – we’re nothing if not generous here!
Roses are a quintessentially British favourite with gardeners and florists alike and are having a resurgence in popularity in the kitchen the like of which hasn’t been seen since Victorian times.
Our roses feature in many of our own recipes which are detailed in our blog here and there are loads more on our ROSE pinterest board here. This can be as simple and elegant as a few fragrant rose petals or as complex as a mult-tiered masterpiece. There is also a host of inspiration on our pinterest boards for wedding cakes and for using roses.
These are sprayed with a cocktail of pesticides and fungicides to prolong their vase life (see here more information) and chemicals are heavily used on roses in particular.
Frances Bissell’s new book The Floral Baker (available here) has a stunning recipe for strawberry, rose petal and white chocolate tart.
This ensures that they have adequate food for them to grow healthily – roses are very greedy feeders. Rocket flowers are much loved by chefs not just because of their beauty but because they pack a real punch flavour wise which means they compliment a whole range of  recipes. Put a couple of inches into the bottom of a small pan and warm just enough to melt the squeezed out gelatine (exactly as you did earlier) switch off the stove and add the rest of the liquid.
Too cold and it will have started to set, too warm and it will melt the lower layer of glaze and release the flowers which will float to the surface like champagne corks. We can send the voucher first class to you for personal delivery or can send direct on your behalf. Our giant red mustard at this time of year brings tears to the eyes and an acute burning sensation to the nostrils but when added to the pesto it settles to a gentle warmth. For tossing through new potatoes or on pasta then a couple of additional glugs of olive oil will be necessary. Having used them in London he said he couldn’t get anything comparable elsewhere in the world.
Whilst we are not prepared to compromised on either fragrance or flavour of our roses we also needed to seek professional advice on the best varieties of rose that were suitable for the challenges of organic growing. Only buy from a reputable organic source or use from your own or friends’ gardens as long as you are certain that they have not been sprayed. It also acts as a blanket mulch both to suppress weeds and to keep the roots of the roses damp during the hot summer months.
Apart from stirring through pasta, we bung it on flat breads and pizzas, slather new potatoes with it and dollop it on meat, fish or veggies. I’m sure it was delicious but I will never know as the audience descended like a swarm of hungry locusts leaving just the bone rattling around an empty plate. So when I got home I announced to Long Suffering Stu that we were having steak and pesto for supper. The flavours also change depending upon the time of year and the weather which is a little beyond our control.

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