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MAC Cosmetics has added a second Pro Store to its portfolio with a new branch in London's Covent Garden.
It is their relationship with over 6,000 make-up artists working in fashion, film and theatre that is the thinking behind the second Pro Store in Covent Garden.
Buglisi explains: "That meant bringing MAC alive with an entire floor dedicated to make-up education.
MAC have also noted the modern shopping backlash and the need for a more peaceful consumer experience.

MAC have come up with a 360-degree consumer engagement store concept for us make-up amateurs too. So we decided to rise to the occasion if you will with a new store where the focus was on education," explains Karen Buglisi, the company's global brand president. We made learning more consumer friendly with separate make-up stations, better lighting and more intimacy where customers needed it most. Now you can shop quietly, and alone, by using new navigation panels for nails, prepping and priming and foundations.

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