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The lawn is a mainstay of home landscapes, but if you're looking for something different, you can find attractive alternatives to the typical grass yard. Make sure there are no local ordinances or homeowners association guidelines that would apply to your plans. Good to KnowA trip through the garden center will give you examples of plants that thrive in your area. Groundcovers such as vinca, common yarrow, threadleaf tickseed, Japanese spurge, ivy, thyme and daylily offer the benefit of spreading on their own or through division and replanting. Ornamental grasses such as liriope, pink muhly grass, zebra grass or switch grass provide a varied living landscape to replace the standard green of a lawn. Every region has perennials and low shrubs, such as juniper, barberry or cotoneaster, which can make excellent alternatives to lawns. Wildflower mixes spread on their own and add vivid splashes of color to areas that were once a uniform green. Cottage, meadow or prairie plantings combine flowers, grasses and other plants to give your outdoors a wild, natural look. A pond or water feature can be a visually pleasing way to reclaim part of a lawn, and the sound of a bubbling fountain or waterfall can be an added dimension of enjoyment. Inorganic mulches, such as stone or shredded rubber, can replace areas of grass and add visual variety. Combining organic and inorganic elements helps you create your own look and define the level of maintenance you want to support.
Good to KnowRedesigning your landscape is a good opportunity to add outdoor lighting and draw attention to your yard after the sun goes down. Hardscape features such as patios, walkways and retaining walls are great ways to add architectural elements to your home landscape. When considering a hardscape project, make sure you're aware of any building codes or homeowner association rules that might apply to your work.
CautionIf you're planning for any projects that will require excavation, check for underground utilities before beginning. Don't be afraid to think big, but if you make a plan for the whole landscape, break it into manageable projects you can tackle one at a time. Today our expertise is in residential and commercial landscaping.A  We specialize in constructing yards that are practical, durable and easy to maintain, while providing a beautiful atmosphere for relaxing and entertaining. Please take a look at our Photo Gallery to see some of theA beautifully landscaped yards Lowe’s Landscaping Ltd.
Decorative, precast concrete blocks replicate the look of stones or bricks in a variety of sizes, textures and colors.
Good to KnowWhen you shop for blocks and paving stones, look for planning guides that help you estimate the amount of material you need for different projects. In addition to the actual dimensions of the material, you may see "common" or "nominal" measurements. Blocks and pavers can be heavy — moving and placing them requires some physical exertion. Before beginning a project, make sure you're aware of building codes or homeowner association rules that might apply to your work. Good to KnowSome pavers can handle both foot traffic and vehicle traffic, but many types are for foot traffic only. Different types of blocks have different maximum wall heights, generally ranging from 2 to 3 feet. Read Planning for a Block Retaining Wall for instructions on estimating how many blocks you need for your project.

You can also find project kits that include all the materials you need to build a fire pit. Good to KnowWhile some wall blocks simply stack to create layers or courses, some are designed to allow better alignment and stability. Paver base panels can replace traditional paver base and reduce the amount of paver sand you need for patios and walkways. Polymeric sand and jointing sand are two products that fill the joints between individual pavers in patios and walkways, helping prevent weed growth. WITH THIS BARBEQUE MIRACLE GRILL MAT(SHEETS) YOU CAN GRILLING ALMOST EVERY FOOD- meat,vegetables,fish,shrimps,pizza,even pancakes bacon and eggs, this BBQ Grill Mat is very useful! SAFE USE -THE GRILL MATS HAVE-FDA APPROVAL,PFOA FREE- These BBQ Grill Mat that made of heat-resistant technologically PTFE coating are 100% nonstick, Thicker than Yoshi leave grill marks and flavor intact!! A real estate expert and television host says the the biggest misconception for homeowners wanting to rehab their homes is that they can't do it themselves.
Lowe's home improvement expert, Mike Kraft, demonstrates how to finish your patio by installing paving stones.
While the big box stores like Lowe's and The Home Depot have set up shop for the weekend, there are also family-owned businesses like The Cabinet Gallery, based in Medford. And, says Tom, a display that is both beautiful and transferrable - it has narrow walkways, pavers, small spaces. The spacious living room (18 x18) if wonderful and offers a convenient wood stove with brick hearth. NEW ORLEANS - A Lowe's shopper has filed a lawsuit that claims the store improperly stacked brick pavers which created the dangerous condition and allowed the brick pavers to fall from the shelf and hit him in the face. A team of volunteers from Lowe’s stores in Camillus and Syracuse worked today and will be back again Thursday to improve the outdoor space at the house in the 1700 block of South Salina. Pavers Bricks, Brick Crafts, Brick Paver Crafts Farm Animal Patio Paver Pals Pattern Set Everyone will love these adorable animals with fun personalities!
Landscape design principles still apply, and following them will keep your outdoor space from looking like a jumble of random plantings. Patios, walkways, benches and fire pits are just some examples that not only break up your landscape, but also extend your living space to the outdoors.
Artificial grass can look very realistic and is available in types that simulate different turfgrass varieties. The smaller area of grass will be easier to maintain than a full-size lawn and may satisfy local landscape requirements. These methods can be good options to make the most of your yard while minimizing impact on the environment. Since your backyard is typically less visible than the front, you have more freedom to design. Replacing your lawn will eliminate much of the mowing, seeding and fertilizing, but you'll still need to water and prune or deadhead your replacement plants. Many plants can take a couple of years to establish themselves or spread sufficiently to provide full coverage for your landscape. You should plan with the same level of care for these stone features as you would for a great landscaping design. Beauty elements like patios, walkways or benches go along or around these lines so you can see them from your home.
When planning for placement, follow the manufacturer's instructions and any placement restrictions for your area.
Call the North America One Call Referral Service at 1-888-258-0808 (or just dial 811) for a national directory of utility companies.

They have uniform sizes, which simplify planning, and are relatively easy to install and maintain. The slightly smaller, actual measurements represent the physical dimensions of the product — use these when calculating the pavers, stones or blocks you need for a project. Some pavers have designs molded into them, giving the appearance of several small stones in one paver. It gives the project stability, provides for drainage and helps you compensate for small elevation changes in your landscape. The panels require less digging than paver base, are lightweight and interlock for simple installation.
Paver sand helps fix the individual pieces of the project in place and allows you to make adjustments to maintain level. HGTV's Brandie Malay was a guest of the 35th Annual Western Illinois Builders Association Home Show at Sandburg Mall Saturday.
Use the low voltage paver lights and save electricity and improve the attractiveness of your home these are th. They will typically require less maintenance and have a better resistance to diseases and pests than non-native varieties. Keeping an area of lawn may also be more acceptable to neighbors than a complete transformation of your yard. Alternatively, if you transform your front yard, you can maintain a traditional lawn in the back for family activities. Be sure to note where people are most likely to walk and mark the placement of windows and doors to help you plan logically.
For example, you can create a raised planting bed using wall blocks that coordinate with pavers you use to build a patio or pathway. Errors will be corrected where discovered, and Lowe's reserves the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions including after an order has been submitted. In addition to variety in colors and textures, ornamental grasses add a vertical element to your landscape.
The excess should account for breakage, material that you need to cut and replacements for future repairs. Like other types of patio blocks, edging stones are available in different colors and styles to let you select the look that best complements your home. Click the "Add to Cart" botton now to enjoy LA-CHEF Grill Mat for the rest of your life!!
Also think about light requirements, height at maturity, rate of growth and other characteristics. Paver styles include the architectural appearance of bricks, the natural look of worn stones or river rocks and the random edges of flagstones.
Or you may simply want a look that's more visually pleasing to you than a traditional lawn. Read How to Lay a Paver Patio or Walkway to learn how to create outdoor living spaces and footpaths with pavers and estimate the materials you need for the projects.

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